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December 01, 2008



"EPA Raises Raises Requirements for Renewable Fuels " posting published in the site is very good. I am glad to learn that, EPA has accrued the renewable energy requirements. I suggest the writer to visit the site http://investmentsinenergy.com because the site contains rich investments news and articles.

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Wow. Nice discussion going on let me add few more points here within discussion. Is it really important to have these energy resources created and utilized for human use, if so why? If not mention what makes it so lively....I have seen many companies presently investing in this specified area of Clean energy where it is easy and quicker to get profit through the money invested.

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Commercial energy performance certificates (EPCs) are the hot topic in the UK at the moment. www.senergi.co.uk


This blog describes the various uses of ethanol. The establishment of a market for ethanol and other fuels is a objective to prepare for future times when the cost of oil once again becomes more and in short supply.
It is better to use various inputs to grow corn and make ethanol and use that in your cars than it is to use the gasoline and fossil fuels directly

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According to research solar power can produce energy enough to power up the whole world. And solar power is a very renewable source of energy.


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Bio fuels will never be threat to Texan oil barons or infact any oil company simply because there will never be sufficient land and water necessary toproduce anywhere neer what is required in todays market. Futhermore bio fuels are NOT efficient. i.e. it takes more energy to produce bio fuels than you get in return! That's what I call a total waste of time and effort.
Like the post, found it quite interesting.

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It should be well known by now that the Federal Government has increased the amount of Ethanol to 15%. But, most cars built before 2008 can not handle the increase. Will this increase hurt the small gasoline retailers?

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Nuclear will get bigger soon, IMO.

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The problem with gasoline is its near monopoly on the domestic transportation market. Compressed Natural Gas is already a viable alternative fuel in Pakistan, India, and Iran. Imagine a fuel source that’s cleaner and cheaper than petrol, and a station for it at every major intersection. The best thing for the fuel market is competition, not between providers of petrol, but between different sources of fuel altogether.


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Nature has given us abundant energy in the form of solar power which is never ending and easily available in the form of Sun. It is best renewable energy to reduce the problem of scare resources.

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I do agree that it's only a mater of time before the CCP goes BANG and the end net result is a catastrophe of the size no man has yet seen.


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22 billion gallons from second generation = a good thing to try. 15 billion gallons from corn ethanol = not a very good target to aim for. Corn ethanol is an extremely marginal technology. Costs a lot gives us little.


Ethanol is a good solution. It just seems so strange to me that it's been around so long and nobody can seem to figure out a simple change that would make it a 100% biofuel that could run our cars on it's own.

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Concerning the environment,renewable resources advantage includes their inability to produce carbon-based warming and polluting agents into the atmosphere.

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There are better modes to supply support to farmers. Stimulate them to be more innovative, like co-producing nourishment with biofuels, and stimulating sophisticated high yielding plantings with little fertilizer and water use


Aside from ethanol fuel, the government should also look at other alternative sources of energy. Wind and solar power are cost-effective to generate...they don't deplete natural resources and do not inconvenience farmers. A micro wind turbine, for example, can help reduce energy costs throughout the U.S. by a great percentage.

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Solar Panels.

The world needs to make the most of the Suns energy now, before it runs out!

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"If you are a Texas oilman or battery maker, ethanol is a threat."
Not necessarily if the oilman's reserve go down, by now he has the moola to start the an ethanol farm...

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There are several reasons for the increased corn prices, but demand is artificially stimulated through subsidies was one of them. Many people can not understand that the price increase can often be several reasons combined.


what scares me is that this is an example of how politics is not good for renewable energy.


what scares me is that this is an example of how politics is not good for renewable energy.


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I assume we all think renewable s are ideal but the truth remains that these fuels are produced in a way that harms the environment.


I like your blog and specifically this post which gives us an insight knowledge on "renewable fuels". I am strongly supporting to have more and more usage of "renewable fuels" across the globe. I am also very much influenced by the comment of "tedflow". Good work tedflow.

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Waste to energy sources are still the best option.


No doubts that renewable fuels are the key to save the planet.

I use a hybrid car and I appreciate those companies that takes care of environment.

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Ethanol production is still less than zero sum. It takes more energy to produce and provides less fuel than petroleum products.

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Hard hitting facts but with a dash of humour,

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In the European Union, the diesel fuel is required to have at least a 10% bio-diesel concentration, and this percentage is rising from year to year.

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