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December 01, 2008


Leonard Ken

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I totally agree with you, the establishment of a market for ethanol and other renewable fuels is a worthy objective, and it will help in future a great deal.

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The best and cheapest so far are wind, water and solar energy.
Solar energy is good for so many countries in the world that I still don't understand why we burn coal?
Wind... well it's almost everywhere in the world, some countries even have it more then others all year round.
Slowly people start to build wind turbines and solar panels for their private use.
It's not that complicated. Cost of it might be problem at start but then people save so much energy that it pays back in few years time.
You might try do it yourself and follow this tutorial: http://tinyurl.com/cheapdiysolarenergy

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i think ethanol is good but not to replace the oil we use now in our automobiles and such. There's too much demand for it to completely replace the oil we require from foreign countries. I am an energy enthusiast and blogger as well. please come visit my site at www.smartenergypractice.com

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Well,They like their beef, chicken and pork just as much as Americans do, don't they?. The hardship of being able to afford feed for your farm animals qualifies as a direct result of inflated corn prices.


They are considering nuclear power down here at the moment despite coal NG and the growing implementation of large scale wind power. We need change on a government level and in terms of the general public's commitment to conservation.


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There are more and more technological advances in energy saving that are being found every day - now people are realising how important this is


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KERAJAAN mengenalpasti penghasilan tenaga mesra alam sebagai sektor baru yang mampu menarik kemasukan pelaburan langsung asing (FDI) ke negara ini terutama dari Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat (AS) yang mempunyai kepakaran dalam bidang itu.



Wow. It's been a whole year since this post was new. I'm sad to see this site go dormant.

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Changing our world into a better one might be possible for our environmental purpose if and only if those big oil companies will realize what they need to do and not thinking much of their pockets.

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Is this site down for good? It was such a great read every morning with my coffee.

What happened?

Low Cost Energy

Not only that this energy alternative is low cost, but it's also environmental friendly. Therefore, this kind of regulations are welcome.

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Its really great thinking and amazing planning for future. I am happy from your idea of saving natural energy and fuel too. I have given so many lectures for stopping global worming. Thanks for your support.

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It is really very nice and true thinking for renewable resources as the cattlemen can continue with business as usual and not make the amount of warming due to methane alone any worse. Conversely, if practices are found which reduce methane emissions.

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There’s a great video on San Francisco I Am where hundreds of teens in the Bay Area ditched their video games at home and headed for the biggest green festival in the nation. The Festival was held in San Francisco and the kids learned AND taught one another about climate change and green jobs. Even Chuck D from Public Enemy was there.

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There are more and more technological advances in energy saving that are being found every day - now people are realising how important this is

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There are so many ways to provide support to farmers.....

A. D.

Couldn't we be getting more from OIC countries than oil? Look at massive amount of countries and people that this reaches...


Haiti Solar Energy

At Haiti Solar Energy, we care about making solar energy accessible to all - especially the most in need. That is why a portion of each sale goes towards providing residents of Haiti access to reliable electricity and hot water.

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Nice blog.....Ethanol production is still below zero sum..... It takes more energy to produce and provides less fuel mileage than petroleum-based products.......

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Learn how to be green and learn new ways to become greener!

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It just amazes me how long has taken people to realize, that we actually have to put our environment into consideration, before our wants


I believe there was civil unrest in southern Mexico last year, in response to higher corn prices
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Im so glad there doing that


The renewable fuel is still in development and no fuel is yet seen as a ready-made replacement for petroleum. Good article...


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Alternative Energy

I can't believe with the technology we have, we aren't more dependent on something other than petroleum!


germany is years ahead its laws.. its all about the lobby of this technology

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