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December 01, 2008



Energy powers both our economy and our lives. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to addressing this energy challenge and you can help! Sign a petition to help at http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/takeaction

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There needs to be market demand for the fuel. Just increasing the supply without viable buyers can and has been an issue. Also Certain fuels should not be mandated i.e. “Corn ethanol” which was a horrible decision , drove up food prices

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Green Energy

Everyone’s concerned about energy prices and they’re worried about where American’s energy supplies will come from in the future. While the answers can sometimes be bleak, there are some unexpected options that can increase American supplies of petroleum and natural gas. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in the U.S. extracting fossil fuels from their own backyards. In this way, individuals can provide for their own energy needs while making a little bit of money for themselves.

Heartland Energy Colorado

What's amazing to me, is that with the renewable energy sources that are out there technology that we have for hydrogen engine's, electromagnetic energy and other technologies why's there not more information available on how to avoid any fuel whatsoever? It doesn't make sense to me that we can go on and on and on about fuel, yet I don't hear much about other forms of energy.

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Can someone help me with some thumb rules for EPC sevices in Power Transmission and Distribution?

I have read about a thumb rule which says that 60% of the total project cost while setting up a power plant is represented by generation, 30% by transmission and 10% by distribution. If this rule is correct, then approximately what is the break-up of the 40% of T&D?


What percentage of the total project cost is represented by EPC services in T&D?

Also, what is the approximate return on investment in this business (%)

Please help.

Green Energy

The recent movement toward renewable energy, also known as green energy, has resulted in a number of positives. Green energy helps to keep the environment clean and begins to confront the issue of Climate Change. Perhaps most importantly, green energy technologies will help to move the US toward being a more energy independent nation. Generating electricity using solar, wind and other renewable resources will help Americans power their lives without using resources from other countries.

Michael Formby

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Larry Miller

Interesting that some think corn ethanol doesn't drive up food prices has no understanding of economics. If more is used, demand is increased. If there is no increase in supply prices have to go up... unless the government puts in controls, then the supply may even go down. We have incompetents making decisions when they know nothing about the subjects.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and we are going to see an increase in this area of the economy.

Windmill Power

I think everyone the world over is going through the same thing, they key is to stick together. A lot of people are having a hard time putting food on the table.

Ben from the
wind turbine electricity for home

Wedding Girl

I agree that ethanol is the start of biofuels. I am concerned about the relatively low energy content of corn ethanol.

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Mark Simms


Verdegia S.L is the leading European integrator and supplier of next generation renewable energy products and services to clients throughout Europe. Established in 2008, the company has specialized in the development of renewable energy projects, in particular, solar engine solutions - the world’s most productive Solar Engine System that is designed for urban and rural homes, businesses and industry. Verdegia provide consulting and advice in renewable energies for developers, technologists, financial institutions, investors and contractors. Equity investment in renewable energy projects with own or third parties funds and services related with project management, technical and economical assessments of projects and due diligence.

In 2008, Verdegia took measures to implement technological advancements in renewable energy technology and provide clients with economical alternative solutions to energy production. Verdegía adopts the latest infrastructure and connectivity systems to support its products to comply within the framework of local and governmental regulations surrounding energy production and distribution. Verdegía services provide clients with a complete renewable energy management solution that maximizes investors’ returns. Verdegía solutions generate high returns for investors, free energy and income for its clients and security by generating energy independence.

Solar Engine Systems supplied through Verdegia offer true high performance power production that relies solely on ambient heat from its surroundings. The system operates 24hrs a day, 365 days a year and produces 0% carbon emissions. The Solar Engine produces enough energy for up to 12 homes within a 24hr operating cycle and is small enough to be fitted to roof tops and gardens with very low visual impact.

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Stop Climate Change

In response to Doug Nixon | January 10, 2009 at 11:10 AM:
There is one informative site on Climate Change and energy from the EU.
Its URL: http://www.energy.eu

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage(CCS) is regarded as a good transition solution in Europe, eventually the goal must be energy generated from clean/renewable sources. There are several projects underway right now, heavily sponsored by the EU.
Emerging economies should take their responsability and start investing in CCS as well as renewable energy.

Marjorie Grespan

Going back to the RFS discussion:
The proposed RFS II includes substantial analysis for when the EPA anticipates ethanol production will exceed the volume that can be practically blended into gasoline nationwide at 10% level, is this correct?
To reach the 2022 RFS goal, four things need to happen according to the EPA: an increase in production of flex fuel vehicles (FFV), an increase in the number of E-85 fueling stations, an increase in consumer E-85 fueling frequency and reduction of the price differential between E-10 and E-85.
Are these things really going to happen inside US?
Pls advise.


Just as I thought, whenever the subject of "octane" comes up, the anti-ethanolers head for the hills

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Energy is silly.


A conventional household water heater uses the equivalent of 11 barrels of oil per year in energy. That adds up to about 10,000 pounds of C02 each and every year.learn more about solar water heaters. They have become very affordable through rebates and tax credits.


I am also not a fan of corn derived ethanol. Algae based bio-diesel doesn't have the drawbacks that corn does. It can be grown anywhere, in empty wasteland, just so long as we set up a facilities. Check out the interview about algae as bio-diesel at http://www.ourblook.com/component/option,com_sectionex/Itemid,200076/id,8/view,category/#catid92


Its sunny to increase in intensity alternative fuels, however you in attendance is a fine line with the purpose of the EPA has to hike. In attendance needs to be alive bazaar demand on behalf of the fuel. Immediately increasing the supply with no viable buyers can and has been an edition. Plus a selection of fuels be supposed to not be alive mandated i.E. “Corn ethanol” which was a horrible decision , drove up food prices. Government frequently doesn’t create the finest circumstances at what time it mandates something with no looking on all the promise repercussions. However taking part in this set of circumstances I think it be supposed to spur innovation and production, with any luck.

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Grant Supple

Does anyone know why the federal government never got around to stockpiling KI (potassium iodide) like it was supposed to do back in 2002? I understand nuclear power plant workers and their families have been taken care of, but what about the rest of us? Are the guys at www.raisafe.com right?


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Henry Gibson

Most of the food value of maize is lost to the ethanol or to the process.

Ethanol from any process is food itself.

The higher price for maize last year was due to the demand and even the ethanol producers speculating in a limited market.

There is enough money in the hands of the petroleum producers to take over the entire maize production to force the price of oil and maize even higher.

The maize ethanol industrie would and should disappear in a flash without the government subsidies and tariff on Brazilian ethanol.

There should be a tariff of $70 on imported oil so that gasoline is produced from coal. It is better for the US economy to produce gasoline from coal than to pay foreign countries for the oil.

Nuclear electric plants can reduce the need for coal so that it can be used for gasoline and the CO2 balance will be better than with maize or cellulose ethanol.

Hydrogen from nuclear electricity is cheaper than oil at $150.

Get the plans for pebble bed nuclear reactors from Germany and China and build them to produce hydrogen via thermo chemical proceses. This hydrogen will be much cheaper than electrolysis hydrogen.

Burning maize directly or gasifying it to make methanol is a more efficicient use of its energy, and faciliies that can make gas from maize can also make it from natural gas when cheaply available. ..HG..

James Renewable Energy Potts

Thank you for the great post, renewable energy is our future. We need more people to see all the advantages of this great source and start using it to help our environment.


A friend sent me this link. It’s by NY Times best selling author Steve Alten. The book deals with the 9/11 incident, calling for the 8th anniversary to figure out THE TRUTH BEHIND THE 9/11 ATTACKS ONCE AND FOR ALL. “THE SHELL GAME.”


Fergal Tully

I agree with the EPA as we all need to be pushed into using alternative energies. As with all technologies as the efficiencies grow and be supplied of alternative energy fits into a profitable business model it will start to become a real alternative to oil and gas.

How quickly this happens only time will tell but all the action that the EPA is taking would help to speed us up.

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I think they should raise the requirments. It will leave more room for viable options like geothermal to be more widely available.


Government interference never works. Also food prices will continue to go higher.

Betty Road

Great blogsite-thank you! Check it out-Google CEO Schmidt says punching down into the earth to capture natural and clean geothermal energy could help move the United States away from its dependence on petroleum Dec.16,2008 Betty http://www.geothermalquestions.net


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Unfortunalty this has to happen. It isn't cheaper and a business will do what is cheapest unless they don't have a choice.


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I would like to comment on the ethanol industry, specifically about ricks comment. Yes as of now corn is made from feed corn, but what do you think is going to happen if ethanol becomes a major source of energy. Corn farmers grow corn to make money, once the Oil companies have to switch to making ethanol, which most people think will be the most likely course of actions, they will either buy the farmers off just like they do now for oil, or they will pay the farmers more money than the government does, not to mention the other problems, such as additional deforestation. As far as hunger goes we have no one to blame but ourselves for that one.

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The 2009 RFS is also pushing up against what is known as the "blend wall." Most gasoline sold in the United States contains at most 10% ethanol (a blend known as E10), but the new RFS requires a slightly greater percentage of gasoline to be displaced with renewable fuel. . . . One way to sell greater amounts of ethanol is to sell E85, a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, but despite rapid growth in the number of E85 pumps, there are still only about 1,800 E85 pumps in the United States. . . . To address the blend wall issue, DOE and others are studying the use of mid-range blends, such as E15 and E20, for use in standard gasoline-burning vehicles. Allowing all gasoline blends to contain up to 20% ethanol would double the potential market for ethanol.
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