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December 01, 2008


Ty of Male Enhancer

Nice posted article you've wrote and shared to everyone here. Anyway, its a good thing that EPA raises the requirement for renewal of fuel to keep the environment safe.

Peter Haken

Corn ethanol...hows that turning out as last post over 2 years ago now?


I want new energy sources now, don't stop the evolution! Great blog

Peter Haken

Defo agree time for finding new energy sources has come indeed... about time the governments started pushing clean energy!


what about wind, water and sun energy?


Thanks this is good info and i have some papers and book about energy here



We should now give much importance to fuel, especially now that more and more people are using cars and steadily depletes the oil around the world. Saving energy and fuel through these tips is the best thing that we should do.

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It's not as hard as we thought to be green. We're all responsible and we have to follow the good examples these big companies are doing. It's our world and it's time to care about it or be sorry when it's too late.

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I would love to see how this all stacks up in 2011 with the Japan disaster, nuclear fuel in uproar and governments looking at nuclear in a very different light. We are now seeing reports on solar panels effecting insect life. Bio fuels are being talked of creating famine in the future as more arable land is designated to grow bio fuels. Therefore this does make you wonder where we will all be getting our fuel from on 2111 ? Here in the UK the government is cutting back on all energy efficiency projects etc and here at Cheapest Gas Electricity I have more and more people asking how to save on energy bills. Will energy be the new Armageddon ?


Ambit have long been using renewable energy big names in the industry should really consider alternatives for the benefit of all.

presonal dev

Such a fantastic info, I will be reading much more...


With commodity prices continuing to rise, including grain and corn for example, renewable energy sources from grain is still going to be expensive. Let's hope some sort of "relevant" subsidy can take effect.


It's nice to know that renewable resources are being pushed in the industry, big names like Con Ed and Ambit Energy
are already working on this.

Smith of Male Enhancement

This is a such a great post. I'm very much glad that government do something just to protect are Environment rather than doing business all the time. Thumb up!

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This a nice source of information. It is good to be updated or know something what is happening in other countries and the common issues they are facing.

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After what happend in Japan I think more governments have to think carefully about nuclear energy.

I think the renewable energies are the best the governments can invest now.

Rio Pijapet

You are man! Excellent article.

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Ethanol fuel is ethanol, the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive for gasoline. Maybe it can only be replace by biofuel which is safer for our environment.

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I would say that it is good for EPA to raise requirements for renewable fuels.It must be more clear for everyone to understand what exactly is renewable fuel.

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This 'elsewhere' means different food crops, and this will result substantial competition of fuel with food. Since rich people can afford to pay more for food, they will price out the poor who eat non-food agriproducts. In fact this is what is already happening right now.

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Glad there are energy efficient vehicles and electronics!

Emprestimos Pessoais

Renewable fuel is the future. We save money and take care of environment.

In Brazil for example they use alcohol and biodiesel since long time ago


It's time to develop biofuels. Oil is not necessary to us. The seven systers must understand this

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Vice Life

First off great blog and great topic, bio fuel is the next thing in my experience, its slowing taking off,but change is hard to promote while big business, still go for the cheaper fossil fuel options,


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nice job reporting EEres's announcement! pretty instructive stuff and comments in general

Ty Stanton-Jones


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The modern lifestyle depends tremendously on the use and existence of fossil fuels. With levels of these fuels constantly decreasing, we should act now to become less dependant on fossil fuels and more dependent on renewable energy sources.

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Renewable fuels are very much necessary for the future world, probably current too, so that we could use it for our daily requirements atlease.


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Alternative fuel usage can be encouraged but with some limitations, like those bio fuels doesn't made up with regular foods like cron etc... else this act bring food prices up.

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Half the amount of gasoline sold in the United States is the "E10", which is Ethanol blended in with gasoline at a 10% volume. Many newer vehicles called "Flexible-Fuel vehicles" are especially designed to handle a product called E85, which is 85% Ethanol blended with gasoline.


As we head into the warm weather, it becomes increasingly likely that NG will make an aggressive move upwards in at least 4 weeks from now. This movement should be a short lived trend but will be a violent short squeeze on good inventory numbers. Barring any major weather event, deeper decline is still in favor for the moment. I feel comfortable holding my position in HND through at least the next three inventory reports and I plan to sell my position before the fourth one is released. I'll choose based on the degree to which I've reached and beaten my $8.80 sell target, along with market sentiment.


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the fuels is very important in the world...

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I do support the production of ethanol. It means we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil but I can't support those ones who use food to produce ethanol.

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Ethanol is a clean-burning, high-octane fuel that is produced domestically from renewable sources. As an important part of the U.S. economy, ethanol helps reduce the country's dependence upon foreign sources of energy by eliminating the import of literally millions of barrels of foreign oil.


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