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November 08, 2008



This is wonderful news. Glad to have your back.


I sincerley hope you can continue to post, though health has got to come first.

All the best

Heartland Energy Development Corporation

Excited to hear about your return. WOuld you be interested in featuring an article or two on our energy blog? We would love to have you! Let us know: heartland.oil@gmail.com


There are news about giant "solar towers"
Two new websites are dedicated to them and they are very complete!!!
Please have a look on:
and www.tour-solaire.fr
(and next month www.torre-solar.es)

Michael Formby

glad to see your back , :)

wind turbine

welcome back!

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I am still alive and feeling better every day. Thanks god,

Nice to read this. You provide valuable info on energy.

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I wondered what had happened to you. I went so far as to see if somehow your blog was being diverted to my spam file.

I'm certainly pleased you are on the mend. I look forward to receiving your articles again.

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Nice to read this. You provide valuable info on energy.

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I sincerley hope you can continue to post, though health has got to come first.

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Glad to have your back.

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it will be a petty
if you need any help for posting about solar energy and related topics i would love to help.

A. Smithee

Very interesting site ecolo127 thanks for posting.


All readers look forward to the great energy posts like in the past..... Thanks for staying alive .........

Energy writers

HI..how about u right now?? Are you ok now? Take care.....

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Kenneth Baker

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Welcome back, hope all's still well.

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So fighting.
Tomorrow will be better.

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Really fascinating topic!

I'm glad that more individuals are taking renewable energy a lot more seriously nowadays. I am undoubtedly a fan of renewable energy and love the feeling of knowing I am helping the surroundings, even if I am just a single person! Let's hope additional folks come around, soon! We live out in Arizona and have had solar panels up for the roof for a couple of years now, it really is incredible what a big difference it makes in our bills especially when you look at the entire year.

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The owner of this website should give some news about him. Otherwise, we can only imagine the worst.

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Nice to see you back. Hope everything is fine with you.

Thanks for sharing this amazing post here.

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I might say, Good to have it back...

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I've only discover the Frazer Domain and so I didn't know you'd gone away.

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So sad to know that you are not in good condition. Get well soon.


I know I am late but I hop you post more on this green stuff, Jim. We need it because it is the future. Obama has done all he as could to get America Green. Only those nasty Republicans stand in his way. They just want to keep us on Big Oil.

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Enjoy reading your blog love it

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You are great! But I still did good! Hey!

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So sorry you were sick, but this is a great and informative blog and I think attention needs to be brought to the subject of energy resource alternatives and you were doing just that! Good work. :)

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It's good to see that you came back. We missed you a lot.

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Hope you're still doing ok...no recent posts it seems...

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I'm sorry you were sick! You'll be in my prayers.

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How are you feeling nowadays??

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I see you stop posting again. It's a pity as so many people (including me) are so interested in your posts. Come back again!

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Please return...again!

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You need to return again and get a google plus, linked in, etc etc etc!

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