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November 24, 2008



We need to develop and deploy the next generation of ethanol - ethanol and other products made from biomass products that are outside the food chain.


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Great news, but would producing using microbes be cost effective strategy for fuel production?

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Very interesting information about mass production of ethanol.

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Ethanol is big thing now. It has made Brazil one of the richest countries in the world. But this should be meant more for the good of the many rather than a business commodity.


f it is economically viable at today's prices this model would become ever more profitable as time goes on. Already we see signs in the markets of the global economy is pulling out of recession which means that the price of oil has more than likely bottomed out at $70 per barrel.

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Already we see signs in the markets of the global economy is pulling out of recession which means that the price of oil has more than likely bottomed out at $70 per barrel.
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I think the only way we can really do anything is to conserve what we have and turn to renewable energy. I'm from Florida and wish my state would turn to either solar, wind, tidal or geothermal sources of renewable, sustainable energies. www.renewableflorida.com


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"I don't understand why people are spending millions and moving mountains to try to achieve cellulosic ethanol.

After all, methanol can already be produced from any organic material, including switchgrass or anything else, including sewage or coal, TODAY, with NO FURTHER RESEARCH needed.

Unfortunately, other than a fleet of Ford metanol cars, and then methanol-compatible flex fuel vehicles in the 80s, most alcohol fuel cars are ethanol only.

This needs to stop. Any alcohol car than can run methanol can run ethanol too, and all other alcohol fuels to boot (propanol, butanol, etc.) So we need to demand, through law, that all flex fuel cars include methanol."

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Ethanol is becoming a major source of energy. Hope that the founding would improve the product efficiency for the benefits of the majority of people.

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