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November 12, 2008


Kenneth Baker

Guys after watching and hearing this discussion about climate change and global warming we are missing the fact that some day for sure oil reserves are going to be exhausted. So what we are going to do then? Wind energy definitely can’t replace the fossil fuels. Nuclear power is too dangerous and can fall into wrong hands.I feel that solar energy if fully tapped can be used. Moreover a lot of job opportunities can be created as well. Yesterday I did a little bit of research about the solar power potential on www.Freecleansolar.com and found out very nice info. I am fully convinced that solar is the future. Any comments??

Kenneth Baker

I have a question about solar.I can understand that on a sunny day we can use it.But does it work on a cloudy day and night time? I went to a website FreeCleanSolar.com to get some info.The website guys talked about using battery system or grid. The Website gave me quite a good info about Solar manufacturers, price comparisons, leasing , tax credits and other solar info.Is it advisable to put my home on solar power???

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I can't wait to see if the thin film solar takes off. How perfect to have siding, roofing, or driveways that generate electricity! One of these days maybe the roads will be poweing the cars driving on them... how sweet would that be.

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I'm pleased to find your blog. I am new to blogging in the green energy arena and it's great to find a resource like yours which I can keep in touch with. I'm most interested in solar power, so pleased to learn more about the technology. Thanks (tagged you on Twitter)


Thinfilm is the way of the future. We at Setsolar have had tremendous success with thinfilm products. Due to the high voltage and long life span it has revolutionised the solar industry.


Eli W.K.

Thin film solar manufacturing is becoming an essential part of the green energy future. It is especially important in the future of solar shingles which I am 100% sure of will be the technology that puts solar energy in reach of any resident owner.

This is important because as of now the want of installing a solar power system is definitely in the minds of most Americans. However the price and the effort of setting up a system is a little daunting to some. As the price tag lowers and the rate of efficiency improves dramatically solar energy is looking much more alluring for the average house owner.

Theo @ DIYHomeSolarPanels.org

I think that it is improtant to try and get more people using solar energy but buying solar panels can be very expensive, so if people are able to build panels themselves then i think there will be a much greater chance of saving the planet. Nice post.

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Used Solar Panels

Extremely fascinating topic!

I'm glad that more folks are taking renewable energy more seriously nowadays. I've generally been a large fan. I try to perform my small part and use renewable energy in my residence. Let's hope much more men and women come around, soon! I reside in California and we have panels up on the roof for solar power, works wonderful!

Round and Brown

Hi thanks for this excellent blog
very interesting, good information

Used Solar Panels for Sale

Thanks for sharing your point of view!

It is a refreshing change to see someone else serious about renewable energy! I'm certainly a fan of renewable energy and love the feeling of knowing I'm helping the atmosphere, even if I am just a single individual! I am just hoping that far more men and women come around, and soon. Our family has saved a bundle on energy costs with solar power up for the roof.

Mark G.

I have to agree with Kit P on one point, even though it seems to contradict his stance on PV:
"I am one of those 'all of the above' people. We should continue to build wind and solar as fast as we can. We also need to build keep building practical sources of electricity like coal and nukes."
I can't imagine everyone going out and installing solar panels right now, so we need to keep developing smarter, more efficient, and sustainable ways of producing energy. This is going to include all types of energy sources, probably solar as well.


Thin film solar has been an important tech in solar energy. If it will be cheaper, that will be great.

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Thin Film Solar use as a produce high energy. Thin Film Solar technology is most cost effective technology. Thin film solar is cheaper than coal.

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i heard someone came out with a new solar powered ac units. that going to revolutionized the hvac industry.


We must keep investing in new technologies for energy.


Solar Battery Maintainer Eric

Solar keeps getting more affordable.

Kyocera has developed multicrystalline solar cells with 16.9% conversion efficiencies and has begun mass production at a factory in Shiga Pref., Japan. They plan to be rolling out panels with a total of 1GW capacity by 2013.

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Get Thin Fast

First Solar was recomende on TV to buy as a good solar company stock. Do they make aslo the thin flexible solar panels?


Thanks for the production data.
NaBa Green Energy


So important that we help to increase the acceptance of solar panels and their use: the more people understand them, the more they will use them. I think we all know (and want) modern technology delivering greener power, the cost of solar panels has been high for the average person. Now in the UK a Government sponsored scheme ("feed-in tarrifs") allows anyone to receive free solar panels and free installation: energy you don't use is fed back into the main system, and you benefit from free solar panels - we've contacted www.homesun.com to see if our roof is eligible. We should all do our bit for free solar and use reneweable energy.

Thom Johnson

Generating electricity with solar panels should be the norm for all homes. I believe residential homes should be generating their own electricity. The problem I see is the cost of panels. With this new technology available and proven, will home owners be able to use this product?


There's also a new technology called PETE developed by researchers at Stanford University. There's an artile on EzineArticles about it

Harvesting Clean Energy

YellowLite is a Cleveland, OH based renewable energy company. Our team includes professionals striving for a cleaner environment. We specialize in Grid-Connected, Stand-Alone and Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems. With the help of our certified and professional engineers, we can reliably predict return on investments and make custom energy systems according to the customers' needs.

Phone: 1-877-7438-757


The biggest problem with solar energy is price/performance. Solar panels cost too much for the average consumer to utilize in their homes for the mild performance gains that they achieve. I've found a site that shows you how to build your own bringing that price/performance gap to a reasonable ratio. Check it out. ActGreenNow

Joshua's Law Online Course

Any how Solar power is the our destination for future requirements, using present technology we can't able to convert any 25-28% solar energy into the electric power, that means we still have a chance to research increase the converting rate which can ultimately increase the production.

 Acai Thermo

I've never heard of the particular film type but Kodak,Ilford,Agfa and Fuji are the main manufacturers.There is a company called Silverprint that has links to obscure chemical process stock,they may be able to help.

Jace Low

Thanks for this post, I'm a little late but this is still good information.

I agree with Cyril although there will be a lot of alternative energy products..well..today or in the near future I still believe that solar energy will still be one of the main runners maybe then followed by wind energy.

Just a few months ago I have heard of a news where a man had created a wind powered generator as back-up energy source to his house. It was really remarkable.

It wasn't much but he was able to power all the lights at home and even use the computer for at least 30 minutes with it.

The best thing is that the tools or equipments he used was just recycled.

rejuv by caci

I have heard of this technology and they are currently using it overseas. Not only much cheaper per watt but it is really easy to install compared to the big solar panels that we are all used to. I think it is very promising and can open the minds of people that used to be stubborn towards solar technology.

Lana Madison

Hi, thanks for this interesting post. I could really say that by reading this post, it made my day! I hope many more companies, consumers, home-owners will invest in Solar Power, and I also hope the government supports them.


Good going for First Solar, waiting eagerly for the 52 and 63 cents mark...

david benjamins

I know that doing things yourself (if successful) will result in getting something for less than retail.. so my thoughts regarding solar panel tech is that we can make them ourselves (to an extent) and then have this sort of tech NOW while it is still to expensive to buy. Makes the last big boundary to practically implementing this sort of amazing answer to energy consumption from the grid. Any one wants to check out the link here, it seems to be a good place to start. Just seems like solar panels can be made cheaply- if enough people hear about this we can really break out the trend more.How to Make Solar Panels is the link if it works, otherwise I listed the sites url. Anyone think this is a good resource here? Is this legitimate? I think it seems to be.


I would like to install a solar panel at home and your blog is good source of information.

Lynn Daven

Last year, I moved to North Carolina. I've found out that in this town, the electric energy that have been used by most residences here, are come from the heat of the sun. For me, it is good to have solar install. Chico my present hometown, most of us here pay our bills in affordable price.


You can visit energodelo.com and find a lot of information about solar energy and solar modules. That's interesting

Frezel Enriquez

I think it is a good idea to promote green energy instead of traditional and commercial energy. It doesnt just attend to our energy needs but solves environmental problems as well.

presonal dev

You really have great informative info to share, I would like to learn more about alternative energy and your website has given me the chance to know more...

Earth 4 Energy

I've never seen like it, thanks for sharing and posting.

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The active layer of thin film solar may gain potential concerns regarding the durability of the new technology. It will be more helpful if the results of these were also posted in here.

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Solar energy is an excellent source of energy for lightening house and streets. We get the skies clear mostly year round and tapping this resource may decrease the global warming effect and also our dependency on the fossil fuel.

Solar Power Queensland

Solar power nowadays are very important to increase the value of your home, save money long term and maybe even make some money, and to help clean the environment.

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I hope our technology can bring us to another level when it comes to improving the environment. So that the balance in nature can always be observe.

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Nice and quite informative post..Great discussion about this topic!

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