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November 12, 2008


algae photobioreactors

Two method are to produce algea:
1. open pond
2. closed pond means photobioreactor

But photobioreactor is little bit costly but more effectiveness than open pond and no more space is required for it.

Account Deleted

The emergence of solar panels has made it possible for home owners to cut electricity bills by as much as 80%. Solar panels are quite a good investment since these are 90% recyclable! Not only will your electric bills reduce but solar panels help in reducing the warm gases that affect the Earth’s atmosphere, making your home environment-friendly.

slewing drives

In my opinion, there are no cons of using solar power. Its an organic process of obtaining energy from light. The physical components of a solar powered machines, such as slewing gears, panels, etc. are all manufactured under strict guidelines which help maintain the overall 'clean' essence.

build wind generator

This was a very helpful article, and I believe that solar energy is going to be the future for homeowners and business owners. Thanks for sharing this information.

Hermes Kelly

Glad to find out what happened Jim, and that reports of your demise were grossly exaggerated...

Needless to say despite your absence I've kept your RSS feed active in the hope of your return, and due to the fact I now work in the renewable energy/fuels industry, your insights and coverage of issues I've found very insightful.

A post a day, even if its a shortened version without your usual intricate detail, i.e. introductions into what you've been reading/things of interest would be sufficient.

Let the commentators drive the debate from there?

A shortened abstract most days with your usual quality 3 times a week would be brilliant, and hopefully would be a low enough workload for you.

Anyway. Like a phoenix the Energy Blog is back !!!! 2945abc45 0930


I have encountered this DIY kit and comes complete with easy to follow instructions and clear video lessons so you can immediately start your own solar panel or wind generator, which can be used to power up basically any appliance in your home like the fridge, washing machine, TV, lights and PC's

Photovoltaic Panels

Its good to see that people have such wide views on the use of Solar power. It is true that Solar Panels dont work durring the night when most people are in the house. However you can buy storage units which can store the energy that the panles make through the day so that you can use the power durring the evening.
if governments incentivise solar power as well this would help people to make the move to solar energy.

Office 2007

You are great! But I still did good! Hey!

Rear-View Camera

I've never heard of thin film solar, interesting to read about it!

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

Never heard of First Solar but I like what they were doing!

Auto Lease Los Angeles

I wonder how the company is doing now, it's a few years later...

Dentist Los Angeles

Great that it has the lowest watt cost for it's industry. Neat stuff.

Therapist New York

How's that plant in Germany? It's been built and running for two years now, if everything went according to plan.

John Miller

As the price of solar panels are going down Solar Energy is turning into a viable large scale energy source

SEO Los Angeles

I am continually excited about solar panels. I have seen a few apartments with solar power and seen a few houses online ... I am anticipating that the future more homes would have this kind of resources.

beverage marketing

I'm very happy I found your blog. I look forward to reading it, very neat.

Carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes also beneficial in increase the efficiency of the solar systems.

beverage flavors

Oooh, so that's what

LED Car Lights

Nice topic, I like it. I believe most people will be shocked by this. I am very interested in it.Science and technology are primary productive forces. Social's development as a sports car. It is be sure that society in the future is bright!


Really great!

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