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November 19, 2008


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Biofuel from wild algae reminds me of a news report of a guy testing salt water as a basic tool for fuel!

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Looks like a twofold benefit - algae to absorb and reduce carbon and renewable energy to boot. I just wonder how feasible it is.

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Its real time for an update on Aquaflow, the Blenheim algae company have frequently covered on Hot Topic this year. Things are continue to look forward for it in the world outside NZ. Its discussions with other companies will work...

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it is great to know we now have other alternative sources of energy now that oil is raising it's prices every week and we got no control over it. i just hope that we don't abused it like other resources that once were abundant


One development I find interesting is that people seem to have abandoned closed systems..............

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we can be sure that the international demand for renewable fuels will continue to grow.


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This is very exciting to see during my lifetime. The question I have is that how many gallons of oil are required to produce one gallon of this bio fuel? I have heard that it usually isn't cost effective.

We need to find an alternative fuel for our cars and automobiles. Let's hope that they make quick progress.

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Thank you for the sensible info about Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation. I was preparing to do some research about that. Even got a good magazine on that matter and but the info was not as influensive as your post. I am very glad to see such information which I was searching for a long time.

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I think the process can be used in many industries that produce a waste stream, including the transport, dairy, meat and paper industries.

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I've been following Aquaflow and its competitors' progress in this industry and while it sounds encouraging, I think there are some major challenges similar to other alternative fuels with the energy required to produce/harvest algae so the net benefit may be less than people realize. I'm hopeful though!


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I think this can work. I am very excited to see what happens with this. This could be the wave of the future. Thanks a bunch, Rick L.


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bio-diesel from algae sounds good, but we are still waiting for the reality. We will probably end up releasing some mutant algae that will clog the oceans killing everything - BUT we will have plenty of fuel!


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Oil from algae? seems to be a good concept.

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Hope the research will be beneficial.

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Americans have been able to reduce that number. While we imported 10 million barrels per day, a number that has been steady for several years, our total oil consumption figure averaged 15 million barrels per day, down from twenty-five years ago.


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...So algae is Australia’s technology of preference and appears to be driven by the Government’s overzealous support of geosequestration. As with completing technologies, it will still face scale-up hurdles; but, with willing providers of carbon dioxide feedstock and cheap land and solar resources aplenty, large scale facilities may well be built within the next five years.

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This is very impressive technology. Now a days American also seach on this technology. Aquaflow will focus on expanding the algae biomass processing options it has available to deliver user-ready biofuels.


the gulf of mexico killed off by corexit and methane gas from oil spilling would make a grand pond to grow their algae in wouldnt it??

follow the money, look who all is invested in it. talk about conspiracy.

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I think this was a huge projects with that company. It should be very beneficial to neighborhood.

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i agree with this answer "Americans have been able to reduce that number. While we imported 10 million barrels per day, a number that has been steady for several years, our total oil consumption figure averaged 15 million barrels per day, down from twenty-five years ago."

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This is one of the most fascinating types of renewable energy out there. Algae is certainly going to play a large part of the foreseeable future.

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This is very impressive technology. Now a days American also seach on this technology. BUT we will have plenty of fuel!

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Thats the issue though - biofuel might be better for the environment but its the cost... it'll be great when it can be refined a little more and have a lower cost.


Love the fact that we are so environmentally conscious. I welcome all new technology that will help us.

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Looking forward to see how this technology progresses. To bad we aren't spending more time and energy on things like this as opposed to war.


Sometimes i wonder if we really understand the importance of using natural resources and being more independent. Go green! http://www.buygreenenergy.org

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your right Extenze it is 15 million barrels and now it is down

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I think someone needs to come up with a way to generate power from rare earth magnets. Some magnets have over 1000 pounds of pulling power. You would think there would be a way to use that natural power to create some type of alternator that makes electricity.

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Well I think that its still helpful to try to create as much alternate sources of power as we can, but in the end its that oil thats IN EVERYTHING... Its used in the keyboard your typing on and even in the tires on your car, 8 GALLONS or so... So if you wanna try to run your car on algae at some time instead of gas...you may wanna think about tires too...

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