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November 19, 2008



Using algae should be a better choice because sugar and corn are used as a mean to nourish oneself. I see it somewhat as a waste to use a large quantity of them for energy purposes when we know that food shortages exist.

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hope other countries will follow and start producing energy from algae.

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This Bio innovation is really great. Science take a new leap again. Algae turned into bio fuel. It is cost effective and nature friendly too. I am impressed.

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If scientists could be able to apply this concept to other organic materials, it would mean a whole new breakthrough in technology.


I've got plenty of algae in my pool if you want some!


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EFX’s holographic technology contains algorithms and frequencies that interact positively with this energy field in both humans and animals at the cellular level. When placed near the body, especially at key energy centers such as the hands and feet, EFX bracelet’s products will harmonize with the body’s naturally occurring bioelectric frequencies.

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EFX’s holographic technology contains algorithms and frequencies that interact positively with this energy field in both humans and animals at the cellular level. When placed near the body, especially at key energy centers such as the hands and feet, EFX bracelet’s products will harmonize with the body’s naturally occurring bioelectric frequencies.

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I never knew green algae could be this useful. A new way to get us energy. Why can't the government give the necessary back up on this project? I think this deserves attention.

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This is going to be awesome..Look what they have achieved: http://www.aquaflowgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Aquaflow-finds-high-value-chemicals-in-wild-algae.pdf


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The cap and trade proposed by Obama is on carbon fuels, so downstream rather than upstream (upstream would be on CO2 emitted).

It's easier to regulate the CO2 market with carbon fuels being traded rather than CO2, but it indeed has the disadvantage of omitting non-fuel CO2 emissions and offsets.

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Well Growing algae on land for bio diesel is a waste of land that could make many more sequestration and power in other ways. Ocean founded algae power output values ocean water, only waste stream new water should to be utilized for algae output on land.

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The more this world looks in to new ways on creating renewable energy the better. Its new ideas like this which will shape our world.

People should start looking at ways to save energy with the home, not only does it save money and help the planet, But, it will also help the EPC scores achieved.

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Thanks for giving us this very important news.

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Yes i agree with you Colon Cleanse. Cyril' idea is not generally practical. Her/his idea is way too expensive. We must make good ideas yet not so expensive.

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Forgive my ignorance, but don't bio-fuels still release a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere? Have any tests been done on the efficiency of the harvesting of this energy up untill the point of use?

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They are trying to simplify the process of bio-oil from algae used by most others in the area of collection of algae that grow wild in the settlement ponds and open waste streams.

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They are trying to simplify the process of bio-oil algae that most of the others in the field with the collection of wild algae grow in ponds and waste sludge.

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Great blog, so happy its back! Very interesting facts.

Online EPC can be a great way to get information about the energy performance

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It will be a great experience when you people launch it commercially and We will use it in our vehicles, You are going to secure our plan but do you people have any action plan for biochemical vest.

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Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

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No pollution of my planet!!!!!!!

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What I love about this is to think about the amount of oxygen this is putting back into Mother earth.

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Excellent and in depth article on the pluses and minuses of all of the alternative energy sources. I know that China has a deal with Westinghouse to build 200 nuclear plants in an effort to quell their dependence on fossil fuels

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This discovery must be exploited for the benefit of saving mother nature. An economic boom if understood.

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This invention should be used for the benefit of saving nature.

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Great insight into the matter. Very useful for all of nature lovers like me.

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Yes. this is very powerfull and i think we will have to take it into consideration in the future !! 10000000 barrels is soooo much.many companys will act strange very soon.

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Algae culture is now being innovated because of the scientists' plan to use algae to produce cleaner and safer fuel for cars. This way our cars will not release smoke that can deteriorate our health and planet.

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Its a way to save more energy, anyway where all this water come from? pacific?


Aquaflow currently sources its wild algae from oxidation ponds. It doesn’t add carbon dioxide to the wastewater

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Since when was weakening the WTO (if that is indeed what's going on) a bad thing? The set-up of the WTO, all of its accords and the GATS in particular were all brought to us by Jeffrey Sach's 'wrong economic model of the world', the same one that brought us the onging global economic crisis and precipitated the 'Arab Spring'. Ironic though it is that the anti-democratic and oligopolistic corporatization of the world that is at the centre of all that the WTO does should have precipitated discounted gucci such an uprising against repression,the fact remains that the way that the WTO was conceived and built is antithetical to everything discount gucci handbags democracy is supposed to stand for. 2945abc45 0421

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Hey, I'd be tickled to see it, but we're not seeing enough facing up to the technical challenges. It is a research priority at this point, not a ready energy source.

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The real Green sustainable Renewable energy that meet strict Copernicus Institute Criteria was no other than Nypa palm Ethanol.
Center of Excellence (University of Kyoto)have done research to determine claim by Malaysia Company about nypa ethanol. and the result was so impressive. its much better than ethanol from sugarcane.


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I never seen algae like this and this is a different post for me. Is this cause any disease for workers?

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that picture looks gross!

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The companies will also study the feasibility of sequestering carbon dioxide from a refinery or power plant and adding it to wastewater streams in an effort to boost the productivity of the wild algae population.

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This is amazing inovation and i really hope that it will be fastly developed and implimented in most of the parts of the world as it could change a lot.

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Two method are to produce algea:
1. open pond
2. closed pond means photobioreactor

But photobioreactor is little bit costly but more effectiveness than open pond and no more space is required for it.

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