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May 03, 2008










Wind & Solar Fan

I really like your blog! There is so much good information here.

Thanks for putting it together.

I just finished the start of mine, I hope it looks as good as yours someday.

The goal is to inspire and challenge people the way you do!

build your own windmill

Business Energy Australia

Great read and informative, thanks. You’re right we don’t hear very much at all about the Greens Policies. I had no idea they didn’t recieve big biz political donations – good on them. This will be something I’ll be keeping strongly in mind when I head to the ballot box.

Fred Williams

This is a very interesting post. If you dont mind I want to pass it onto my twitter followers as I think they will enjoy it as much as I did. I think I may even post it on my site linking back to your site. Let me know if you have any questions.

Potassium Chloride

Local Line LLC is specialised in providing Services and supplies to oil and gas sectors. Supplies different types of chemicals used in oil sectors in the Middle East and around the world.

Thom Johnson

It seems to me everyone talks about using large solar panel fields to produce electricity. What is wrong with using the roofs of buildings in cities and towns. It seems to me that we should be looking at getting the most out of our current buildings. We could revitalize city blocks and neighborhoods while creating a solar field without destroying natural habitats.

Commercial Electricity - Compare

Electric Current is one of the most amazing discoveries of all times, we need to learn to look after it to make it last. Energy is unlimited?, we know that we need to be more efficient but we’ll always find ways to generate energy from different sources. I wanted to share my story about the use of electricity for getting more alive but I think that will happen another time. cheers for sharing it with us.

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This indeed is a very sufficient amount for such technology

Stephen Kain

Excellent! I really like reading regarding post like these regarding alternative energy resources, And also gadgets which i could use with regard to green residing like Solar Powered Water Pump this genuinely works well for decreasing waste helping preserve the deteriorating planet. that is the reason why we always maintain an extra handy all of the period.

Adam Mack

Its good to know that solar panel prices are decreasing nowadays. It will come to a point in the future that every household will have its own solar panels.


Join the solar revolution! http://solar-electric-panels.blogatyourservice.com

kidney problem

Are you kidding me? The plant SIZE is the problem?


Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics, or indirectly using concentrated
solar power or to split water and create hydrogen fuel using techniques of artificial photosynthesis.
Concentrated solar power systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam.


Hello, Fantastic info here. I do like it. check out my blog about solar energy panels too. It might give you nice info around this subject.


Renewable Energy has been brought to the attention of the public by climate change but whatever your views on this, it makes good sense financially and environmentally.

Andy Nathan

That sounds like an amazing breakthrough! Do you know what has happened since you posted this article? I have never heard anything about concentrated solar power.

home security systems

That can be truly efficient. Using that technology is practical.

Solar Panels

The amazing potential of using Solar Panels to come up with electricity is quite remarkable. Installing these in your homes can be a sustainable way to save money and to cut costs on your electric bills. These solar devices hardly need maintenance at all.

Solar Panels in Herefordshire

It's amazing how quickly things seem to be advancing, but I guess it helps with the money being heavily pumped into the solar power business by various governments. I believe in the next 10 or 20 years, some incredible progress will be made and hopefully we'll be generating significant amounts of clean energy.

 Plastic Supplier

Soon people will be outsourcing their cheap labor to us!

Solar pv Dundee

Amazing post , just wait to see what happens

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You are great! But I still did good! Hey!

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Solar power at 5 cents per kWh would be a world-changing breakthrough. It would make solar generation of electricity as affordable as generation from coal, natural gas or other non-renewable sources, without requiring any subsidy.

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The wholesale price of US $0.05 / kWh is too cheap a price for that. The question to this, however, is whether SUNGRI will be willing to lower its installation cost.

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I knew that someone would be able to figure out this technology, it was only a matter of time.

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So they did get this project up and going?

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

I was so excited to read about this but you don't seem too convinced in their progress so now I'm curious what will happen .

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Everything they promise sounds good, like the ability to cool cells and have them last longer and for less area and land usage, but promises are empty if there are no proofs to back them up!

solar panels north carolina

Solar power not only reduces the power bills but also protects the environment. Domestic solar power has many benefits. Since most of the people are not aware of its benefits.

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I wonder if there is some way to pull the heat off for heating or domestic hot water. It would be like solar CHP.


Wow, a lot has changed in the world of solar energy since 2008!

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Nice picture Sungri sounds like it's doing good things!

beverage manufacture

I love how you broke it down in an understandable way, so cool to see how energy is harnessed.

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