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May 02, 2008


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very impressived post.

Keep it up man. I would like to see more.


The true solution for affordable ethanol production using existing technology is here.. right now!

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great post. We should raise care to our world


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Are you sure the same will happen in India? I don't think so...

Bioenergy is one of the best things I know; there is no better thing and I hope this type of energy will rule the world!

Btw, here's another great article about green energy...

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I think, it's a good idea. Bioenergy is a very important element of our life. We should save energy, otherwise, in several years there will be nothing to save. We destroyed the Earth and the urgent problem for now is to save everything left.

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Biomass electricity is produced through the energies from wood, agricultural and municipal waste. It helps save on landfill waste and reduce green house gases.

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Thenk's a lot for this article. Bioenergy is a very important element of our life. We should save energy, otherwise, in several years there will be nothing to save. Great work!


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You are great! But I still did good! Hey!

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Glad Oklahoma is good for something! Lol, just kidding...I loved that play.

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I wonder how the Abengoa facility is doing.

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Are they still using all that acreage for this project?

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Oklahoma is such a beautiful state, I hope this is going well there.

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I hope this effort doesn't go to waste, I mean if it's working for the good of the world it won't be a waste but I mean I hope it all works out!

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Can switchgrass grow anywhere?

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