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May 13, 2008



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Thin film technology is well-suited for large scale utility applications such as solar farms and industrial installations.

Made in China

Made in China

Travis B. Moore

Do what denmark does?
Have local black smiths make machines that extract oil from rape seed and other bio mass, build wind and water turbines, supplemental solar for hot water heating and some electric and make smart electric cars that get 200 MPC+. Or go high tech ,make a bunch of quantum energy converters based on graphene, carbon nano tubes, and ions from long lived sources and what not.. Republican option go nuclear with neutron wave reactors use low level fusion to dispose 99% of dangerous waste. Or obama energy plan drill the coast dry of petrol and pump the co2 under ground to pump more oil and old king coal.

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Thanks for this useful post. Mass production of solar energy conversion can bring down the cost of production for solar cells and solar energy can really be affordable.

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Would love to see cost coming down as it'll be easier for many others to buy into solar technology
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But this time, when Woods appeared on the podium, the association most people stood in applause.


Storage of electricity or put it into an existing grid. Still less expensive than a nuclear plant. Even a small one.

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We created a generation of scientists and engineers out of some young people who looked at the world in a very serious manner. Getting shot at will serious one up quite a bit.

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Indeed, the PV market is growing fast. It's probably going to be huge in a decade from now.

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DuPont spotted very well this great opportunity for business in the new age of renewable resources and alternative materials and energies. This is why they are the leader in their business field.


Emerging materials are already a huge industry in Asian markets like China, therefore DuPont couldn't have missed this opportunity for development. It's great for everybody, end consumers or entrepreneurs.

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indeed the PV market is significant and growing ! Smart move.

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I think this is a great news. Hopefully there will be prices that are much affordable so people might not hesitate to invest on solar technologies.

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If solar energy is cheap, it will be a preferred mode of energy for all. Its the best form of energy as it is not going to die till the end.

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Solar energy should be the preferred type of energy in future. It is still the best but a bit costlier. Hope it gets cheap someday.

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Thin film technology is well-suited for large-scale utility applications such as "solar farms" and industrial installations. The growth rate for thin film is projected to be approximately twice as high as demand for c-Si, and DuPont expects this increase to drive specifications for both new and existing products that serve the thin film industry.

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We believe in the power of science to dramatically improve people’s lives—and protect the planet we all share. Our science is helping transform the sun’s potential into clean, efficient energy the world needs to thrive.

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Like any new solar technology, amorphous silicon production has higher startup costs than more common technologies that use materials such as silicon. But the costs should come down with mass production, and structurally, amorphous silicon thin films are simpler than other thin film technologies.

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It's the mere fact that Dupont cares about the environment what makes them great all this time...


I found this cool web site http://www.greenecoenergy.us check it out


Something that most people don't realize is that all of the minerals needed used for viable energy alternatives are in China. The US has not expanded its infrastructure in years and we just flat out don't have the amount anymore. PV panels are the best alternative, but not if China ends up owning all of the hard materials needed!

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Thin film technology is well-suited for large scale utility applications such as solar farms and industrial installations.

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There is no plan in Picken's plan. In the US, after the the 70s energy crisis, we were able to drill and build nuke plants to solve the supply problem. The amount of drill rigs working has tripled in the last 7 years and 18 nukes applications have been filed.

We should continue to build wind farms as fast as we can but grandiose claims are either delusional or a scam. No need to provide a link ot Picken's Scam, Clee has provided that service already. 2945abc45 0930

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In the next year we will see solar pv panels dropping below the £1 per watt for the best of panels .

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Interesting to see a new investment in thin silicon solar. I wonder if Dupont and others will start feeling squeezed by Nanosolar on price per watt, or whether they can be competitive.

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I was going to ask why in China but after I read your comment it made sense.

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Is it really going to grow by 30% in the next few years? I wonder how it's doing now.

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It's good that they recognize the potential for growth in this market like you said.

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When will the facility be ready and operational? Or is it already?

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This isn't the DuPont company that does paint as well, is it?

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If you compare literacy, health, life expectancy by ethnic groupings and SES, the US does quite well. In other words, Americans of European descent compare well to Europeans, Americans of African descent compare well to Africans, etc. etc.

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Lets go green

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I didn't know dupont was interested in stuff like this. Good for them!

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