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April 17, 2008


John Perry

This is very well written article, detailed explanation of solar energy. Thanks a lot.


this has some very big knock on effects for companies selling windshield wiper motor because of the sollar powered batteries that are used.

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Considering that 10 new polysilicon production plants could be built by REC in the years to come, how much of the future growth in solar module production will occur via the EverQ joint venture between REC, Evergreen Solar, and Q-Cells in the years to come?


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In this days, we have something to do with our environment. thanks for the post,there is a reason why this could happen.


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Sofa Glendale

I am wondering how much silicon that we actually use in everyday products. Any one know?

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I am amazed that so much money goes into these companies.

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What to say about China? Simply amazing and this news is even more bright.

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