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April 22, 2008


Willow Laboratories

a long post....

steve selverston

2009? Seems more like 2011 or 2012 at the rate things have been going.. the sooner the better. Nothing wrong with a nice electric car. I hope to buy one someday..
steve selverston


Just found your site. AWESOME ideas. I'm always looking for things like this. Have you ever done any reseach about converting a car to full electric? I heard that it's not only possible, but that it can be done pretty cheap, if you know where to look.

BPM Training

Carbon capture from coal is a big myth, on simple thermodynamic ground....Feel like Purchasing the car....

used computers

I guess Tesla had to delay production by about six month primarily due problems with the transmission.

used computers

a computer is kind of an essential tool in this regard, and this is only the second time I've ever asked for anything.

Made in China

Made in China

Made in China

Made in China

green geeks coupon

Impressive car, I love cabriolets :)

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Great article. How are the sales of the Tesla doing in the US?

Solar Kits

Great read, does anybody know if they have released the car yet. Looks great. Wonder if solar kits can be used to power the cars.

wheel balancing

Electric cars many advantages made me impressed.Not just being fuel efficient but environmental concerns should be a consideration in choosing stuff to buy.So why not start on your car?

Theo @ DIYHomeSolarPanels.org

I saw the tesla being tested on top gear a couple of months ago and despite having very few parts compared to a normal car, it still managed to break down and then run out of electricity. So although it may look like the answer i think that there is still a little more work to be done. Plus it is NOT cheap either.

shipping vehicles

The roadster is really beautiful car. I did like the color and design.


umm.. i have something to say. i have got an idea to make another type of electric engine. hope u will like it..

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It is nice to have Tesla Roadster and THiNK City in north America.this kind of cars will save money of the people which they spend on fuel and it will be also reduce the pollution ...

Suzuki motorcycles

Tesla Roadster will rock the world. IT is super fast in electric model. People are eagerly waiting for glimpse of this car.

used rvs in Missouri

Great news.Thanks for posting. I have bookmarked & share with my friends.

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That is really the most awesome, Eco- friendliest, and awe-inspiring cars I've laid my eyes on. Great job for the manufacturers of those cars.

Leisa Dreps

@Tom G

Jay Leno's would have been an awesome review, if only they had delved into the important parts. How long is the recharging time of the batteries? How far can it travel in a single charge? How economic is it, versus a conventional car, and against its insane price. I know people will be clamoring for the aesthetics, and the fact that it's a full- on sports car, but you've got to admit, not everyone will be able to afford the price tag on it.

Here are some from Top Gear UK and Fifth Gear. And yes, I know, there were speculations about the reviews, especially from Top Gear's side, but these are the ones that have asked the important questions.


More power to the FraserDomain!

Honda motorcycles

The roadster looks like a great little car.what is the oil storage,they give the stuff away.Thanks great post

Semi trucks

What’s with no Miles sedan? I know it’s boring, but it’s familiar looks and good safety will be a huge plus in the mainstream market. Personally, I love crazy looking electric cars. Unfortunately, most people don’t.

Solar Panels

Aside from using electric cars, installing Solar Panels can greatly help in improving the environment from global warming since it uses the sun's solar energy to make electricity. This is free and renewable energy that has remarkable benefits to mankind.

Balulet Palmero

I agree..I wanna buy an Electric Car soon.

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You are great! But I still did good! Hey!

Used Cars for sale

Now a day the price of gas is rising day by day. To Overcome out of this problem,finally focusing on environment consiousness Telsa roadster has finally decided to produce electric car.as per production survey report it was observed Telsa Motors has achieved goal by starting regular production of the Telsa Roadster.it is time for Telsa Roadster have to prove their identity in front of other competitors.


Its sound great. When will electric cars will arrives Sri Lanka. What will be the engine capacity and how much it effective when considering the price of the other type of vehilce

Dentist Los Angeles

That little car is so cute but I haven't seen them around, did they end up bringing them to North America?

Therapist New York

I'm happy to see more and more hybrid cars around but still haven't really seen many electric cars... why is that?

Car Lease Broker Los Angeles

I want one of each of those! If only I were rich...that Tesla is gorgeous.

Tours in Venice

I live in California but have not seen this car yet...guess it didn't work out? Though I do occasionally see strange cars I'm not familiar with, I suppose I could have seen one of these at some point.

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

I would really like an electric car but we're pretty eco-friendly in our office as is, I walk to work and one of my co-workers takes public transportation! I would not mind having the Tesla or the Thnk, though.

Tours in Venice

I would like to see more electric vehicles on the roads. I am already excited to see charging stations around town.

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