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April 27, 2008


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"OptiSolar is a vertically intigrated company manufacturing its own solar cells and panels and claims its amorphous silicon thin-film solar PV panels combine proprietary manufacturing processes and innovative design to yield affordable, durable panels that significantly reduce the cost of clean solar power. Their thin-film design requires only about 1% of the silicon used in crystalline systems, thus not being affected by the availability of crystalline silicon." - 100% agree and adore this :)

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Electric blue eyes got me yeah...

Theo @ DIYHomeSolarPanels.org

I think that it is improtant to try and get more people using solar energy but buying solar panels can be very expensive, so if people are able to build panels themselves then i think there will be a much greater chance of saving the planet. Nice post.


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Cheap energy only leads to wasting it. We've been spoilt with cheap energy for too long and that's one of the reasons we're in trouble now.

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The struggle for energy will make us forget the fear of terrorism and all the other manipulative scenarios when we face this conflict.

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Solar PV Panels

This is definitely a step in the right direction for Solar Power.

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no mention of the price that Californians would be paying for the power from the California plant. I would bet that it is not anywhere near as much as 42c/KWH

Harvesting Clean Energy

YellowLite is a Cleveland, OH based renewable energy company. Our team includes professionals striving for a cleaner environment. We specialize in Grid-Connected, Stand-Alone and Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems. With the help of our certified and professional engineers, we can reliably predict return on investments and make custom energy systems according to the customers' needs.

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Wow, that's really awesome. This is exactly what I was exactly for.
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James Davison

Opti solar tried to build a plant in sarnia Ontario on 1,000 acres of land. They failed dismally and First solar had to take over and demolish their equipment (opti,s) and install their own system which was a success.Opti Solar didn,t know what frost can do to the ground in shifting panel mounts ect.Opti solars panels were installed in a mutiple rack at once and this didn,t work so good. First solar,s panels were mounted one at a time by hand.

James Davison

Bottom line is that solar farms output is insignificant in kilowatt output and is very expensive power in the mix with nuclear and thermal generating power plants. We have to remember that simple everyday people can not afford the escalating costs of this expensive power.Special interest groups lobby governments for green energy and politicians have short term jobs like hockey coaches and line their pockets while the gettins good. (to back their political campaigns and the end result of soaking the average joe on his electricity bill.These same politicians should be tarred and feathered and put on public display for ass kicking in my opinion. the shame of it.

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so if they are less efficient why should the reason that they cost less to manufacture be important? its better to pay a little more for something that will save you in the long run than to pay less for something that will only turn out to be more expensive in the long term

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i cant see how this is a better option the fact that it will cost less initially does not mean it will remain that way... we all know how humans are.. glutenous.. need i say more?

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I think this is the first step to realization of a grand project, a 550-megawatt photovoltaic (PV) solar farm on over 6000 acres, the largest in North America.

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i cant see how this will work

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Opti Solar didn,t know what frost can do to the ground in shifting panel mounts ect.Opti solars panels were installed in a mutiple rack at once and this didn,t work so good

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are they sustainable?

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i agree that cheap energy only leads to waste.. as a matter of fact cheap anything leads to waste..the cost creates the illusion that there is an endless supply

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The Optisolar to Build Largest Solar Farm in North America is really nice thing to get know about I think such information has good to know about, it and it is really nice to get knowledge about it.

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Producing solar power in North America makes about as much sense as building a snow factory for the Eskimos this solar farm will be using up to 1 million, And North America will gain gain more profit to using this solar system.

Adam Mack

"Zero energy growth does not necessarily entail zero economic growth."

We really have nothing to worry about using solar panel system. I for one am using this kind of system at home and I attest that not only that I have save money, I also am able to save energy.

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I want to welcome you to take a glimpse into the facinating world of solar power, an industry driven by thin, clean, and environmentally friendly solar voltaic cells.

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The Optisolar to Build Largest Solar Farm in North America is some thing really good because the Solar farm is a beneficial thing to Build and bundling the largest one is a record also.

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Wow that's a large area! But yes, I'd have to agree with them. Solar panels are much more cost effective. And I think it isn't a bad idea that they chose it over solar thermal.

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That is great news.There is a need to utilize the solar power to a great extent so that there is less use of the other electric sources which are scarce and also polluted the environment in various ways.

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Even for the average person a solar farm is a great investment. In Australia some states pay a grid feed tariff, which pays around 2 and a half times the purchase rate up to a 30kw installation.What an investment.

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This is a great article. I have high hopes for a cleaner and greener energy generation in the future.


Wow, this is fantastic. Hope that they would be able to finish that project.

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There is a great future in the solar power. I think that the Government should put more effort in promoting it.

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The way gas prices are going and the costs of power vehicles and homes are continually going up this is a great idea. Other energy options is a must today.

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Two solar plants capable of (generating 800) megawatts of power, California Valley Solar Ranch (SunPower) and Topaz Solar Farms (OptiSolar) have already signed agreements with PG&E, the northern California electric utility, to supply power to the state grid; another smaller plant, by Ausra, would provide 177 megawatts. As of early 2009, construction is prepared to begin on some of these facilities; the 800-megawatt plants would be the largest in the

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I honestly thought I knew all there was to knew about this important topic until my eyes were opened to the truth of the matter. Better late than never!

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