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April 27, 2008


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I really thing your sites is brilliant! I specially like this part "Their thin-film design requires only about 1% of the silicon used in crystalline systems, thus not being affected by the availability of crystalline silicon. The companies technology enables low-profile solar panels to be placed on simple concrete and steel ballasts with minimal grading" keep it up......

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Nice post! Got good information on building the solar panels sure it help to gain more knowledge on it thanks for the share. Keep posting!

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Just can't wait to see this solar farm , an exciting project for sure

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This one:
"OptiSolar, Hayward, California, is developing a 550 megawatt photovoltaic (PV) solar farm, the largest in North America, covering over 6,000 acres, in San Luis Obispo County, California."

- I agree with you buddy.

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so that means this project is not yet completed and we are all excited to see the finished project.

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that's what I am looking for too and I really appreciate on what you just have started.

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"OptiSolar is a vertically intigrated company manufacturing its own solar cells and panels and claims its amorphous silicon thin-film solar PV panels combine proprietary manufacturing processes and innovative design to yield affordable, durable panels that significantly reduce the cost of clean solar power."

So meaning we can benefit a lot from that?

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Even if the panels are less efficient I guess cost-wise they're a good idea...

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What's the status on this project?

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Interesting and great that Canada has all of those projects going on!

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Does OptiSolar have any other farms around the world? Or only in America and Canada?

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Did they even get the land and start work on this? This doesn't seem like it was a sure thing in the works at the time this article was written.

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Is optisolar a good company? I don't think I've heard of them before.

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