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April 01, 2008


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this is old info but I needed it. Thanks

Solar Panels

This is good news for people planning to use the sun's solar energy to generate electricity. Solar panels are one of the greatest inventions of mankind that uses free and renewable energy from the sun making it environment friendly to Nature since coal or gas would no longer be used.

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The company's efficiency and cost claims are based on results from small solar cells (about two centimeters across) made in the lab of professor of mechanical engineering Emanuel Sachs, who is one of the company's founders.

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MIT- always breeding those smarties! But seriously, glad we have a think tank like that with brilliant minds to come up with stuff like this.

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I wonder how this project is doing currently.

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I like the diagram, it makes this easier to understand- anything with pictures works for me.

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27% more efficient is great, hope this research is still ongoing.

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A colleague of mine graduated from MIT, this wasn't his field of study but I wonder if he was familiar with the project. I'll have to ask him.

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It's incredible what great minds can come up with!

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Great news! I always love hearing that new more efficient ways do not coast any more than what we have been doing.

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I am glad that they announced that the prices are going down. I have been seeing a lot about solar panels being used on residential housing. I think it is a great idea but needs to be affordable.

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