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April 28, 2008


renewable energy sources

I think there needs to be a mindshift away from maximising our energy supply, to reducing demand through energy efficiency and energy conservation. We need to increase localisation and build resilience within our communities, see article


Renewable energy sources (energy measures)

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This really great news that one of the state in USA taking this much interest in that. Wind is clean source of the energy. This will reduce the air pollution.

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There are currently two pressing issues afflicting our modern society and way of life.That is great that Some State like USA taking this much interest.and i am sure that this will reduce the air pollution.

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There are a lot of paybacks to produce renewable energy. As a result, if you want to know more about renewable wind energy, it is best that you hire a Renewable Energy expert. This will walk you from side to side the proper ways of dealing with all matters and information in connection with renewable energy.

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Just wish everyone else will follow suit

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You are great! But I still did good! Hey!

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Its good to hear that there are some actions to force renewable energies instead of doing endless researches about whether it could work or not. However its necessary that there is a mix of different alternative technologies which contribute each other. If every city would gratify its demand on its own it could cause poblems at times when there is e.g. a lot of wind, and the offer surmounts the demand.

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I hope they can bring this technology to other cities soon.

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Great info, is the city still operating with this?

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My friend has a lot of family in Missouri, I'll have to ask him if he's heard of this place.

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16 million killowatt hours a year sounds like a lot, I'm trying to picture 1,395 people in my head and how much power they would need.

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Is Missouri a windy state? I think they have tornadoes out there, don't they ?


Missouri is misery enough >:O


Get me out of this class D:

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Is Missouri City still doing this?!? So cool!

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