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April 07, 2008


Generators For Home Use

Its been over 2 years since this article was written. In the article it says that tests are under way. Have we got any results from these tests yet?

DC Dyson

The same had occurred to me.

I'm off on a search of more recent threads now to see if the results are else where.


I am slightly confused as to the status of this thread and indeed the entire Frazer Domain.

Is it active or not?

I hope the answer is yes.

Brother PC

"Devices based on the material could be small enough to power anything from interplanetary probes to aircraft and land vehicles."

Am I the only one who thinks this guy has been smoking something he shouldn't have been!

Brother PC

Oh if only this were reality,

but unfortunately we're a little way off as yet.

 Best Jump Starter

I know I'm not a scientist but this all sounds a little sci-fi to me.

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The mass vehicle application seems a bit curious. There will be concerns over safety and proliferation, and whether or not these are rational, it will make mass vehicle applications a non-starter.


If somebody wants to turn radiation directly into electricity - it's very good idea!!

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This article still up to date? I don't know if I can vogue for this information.


This is an amazing article. I love the idea and I believe this give us a closer look on the author’s life. It is inspiring to do the same thing

Brother CS6000i

I'm still waiting on this piece being updated.


Am I the only one who - whilst wishing this were true - finds it a little far fetched?

Portable Generators

I agree with the comments above.

I'd like to know what the situation is in 2011.

As it is the article reads like something from Jules Verne.

Air Emissions Monitoring

I agree with you. This type of projects should be encouraged and I think that these type of projects are the projects for the future. . . . .

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You are great! But I still did good! Hey!


As Generac above I'd like to know what is the status of the Frazer domain.

And as Generac I sincerely hope the answer is all is well and very much alive.

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Fascinating that this could not only operate vehicles but spacecraft as well!

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How is this testing going, I'll have to check out New Scientist, sounds informative. Not as great as your site I'm sure. :)


Wow another good aspect of nano particle there . I like your informative post.

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