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March 28, 2008


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So overall what you're saying is that this is the one of the best bets we have for moving towards a better system for the consumers and the environment!! How is
this working out??

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So exciting that this is in the making! I love that we are figuring out how to use replenishable sources.

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Biogasoline advantages over ethanol include greater energy per gallon and requires no changes in the transportation.Also,it can be used directly in regular gasoline engines without any need for engine modification and can be blended with other existing fuels such as petroleum gasoline or ethanol.


It's good to continue looking for new sources of fuel. Conventional oil will eventually run out. And we'll one day find a good source of bio fuel. The Fuel Film mentioned algae bio fuel as have other posters, but for now some people are also making their own bio fuel. Most of us don't really need the extra power that we'd get from conventional oil if we're only using our cars to go to work and back home.

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