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March 02, 2008


alternative energy home

I think "home generator lover" has a point. It has long been the case that people need strong motivation (a bribe) to take action, even when it's in their best interest. Otherwise, there's no way to overcome their day to day inertia.


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Ulrich Schrems

Infinity Turbine warning. Renewable energy companies need to be aware of conmen like Greg Giese from Infinity Turbines. He has several companies used as a front to con companies. The Infinity Turbines is a fraud.

Planet Police

Yes Ulrich Infinity Turbines are faulty, it is just a scam run by Greg Giese from Wisconsin.

c Condor

how come Ulrich Schrems, you claim on your website, to be associated with Greg Giese and infinity turbines?

Planet Police

Ulrich you are to be commended for exposing the Infinity Turbine fraud. We have had contact from companies in several countries caught out by the Infinity Turbine scam run by Greg Giese.

Planet Police

c Condor I suggest you investigate the Infinity Turbine scam closely. Check out you tube channels "pepe727" and "InfinityTurbine" for some of the outrageous claims made by the conman Greg Giese. The Infinity Turbine does not work, it is just a scam.

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Greg Giese

Planet Police and Bel and phones wholesale are the same person and are from Vancouver, BC Canada, and are runnig a spam campaign against Infinity Turbine. This website posts comments fraudulenty by adding email addresses without the owners knowledge. Beware of this website. We are having the Canadian police investigate this website.

Matt From Storage Units

Green power is great, but it is just not competitive in terms of cost quite yet and likely won't be for a long time. Gas, nuclear, and other methods are cheaper and simply produce more. If someone can make green energy competitive then we won't have to try so hard to push our agenda.
Matt From Storage Units

David G

Green energy is going to bring this country back to a point that we once was. The elected
officials do not understand that why this country is not doing as well as it could be is because of our dependence on buying fossil fuel from from foreigner sources. This runs up our trade deficit which devalues the dollar.

solar panels

Not only this batteries could help you a lot, the water and hills beyond your place could also be a big help for you.

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Modern Solar

Green energy is the way of the future guys, by 2020 there will be more than 50% of consumers employing green energy tactics

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Interesting stuff. I've seen a shift to batteries over fossil fuels in my industry as well. Not only is it great for the environment, it is saving businesses millions of dollars a year.

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What a great site, there is so much information here.
I just loved this section FYI: GE Demonstrates World's First ''Roll-to-Roll'' Manufactured Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs).

I am passionate about solar energy and any advance in this area is great to hear.
With advances in modern technology it is now possible to use a renewable energy source whether wind or solar to save on power bills.
I could agree more with some of the comments about Governments providing subsidies to help switch to a renewable energy source

I will refer my friends to this site.

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Solar panels are very useful and can be seen at many homes to produce energy.Its very relevant energy source which help in saving the money for the electricity bills.

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Love that these get energy from the wind, that's a great resource to take advantage of.

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I went to University of Minnesota actually so I was excited to read this!

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500 homes? That's amazing.

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Those are some big batteries, they sure aren't Duracell!

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I like this article a lot. Anything that involves batteries that powerful are a step in the right direction.

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Good point, energy storage is very important for renewable energy!

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