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March 04, 2008


Hsoft@building design

Nuclear power is one of the larger solutions. It is needed. Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, but the process itself works more or less the same way as fossil fuel-burning power stations. Heat is generated through the process of nuclear fission, CO2 is pumped it to cool the reactor and create steam, which then drives the energy generators.

Hsoft@air conditioning survey

Hsoft@air conditioning survey
When will apples be competitive with oranges? I'll take both, as they are a huge improvement over our sickly diet of fossil fuels - we'll need all the vitamins we can get if we want to get over our fossil fuel related headaches fast.

solar panels

I think solar panels are a good thing, if it can reduce our need for conventional fuels and can be fitted to most propertys with minimal build works.
I believe that solar panels are an excellent way to provide clean, green and renewable energy to power a wide variety of devices. The power from solar panels is strong, reliable and easy to maintain. And on top of that it is also good for our environment.


Well I guess it's not the best solution, but it's better than the status quo. That is for sure!

Bob @ security guard training

They wanted to place some of these in Georgia.. thankfully it's not going to happen for a while

Security Guard Training

Hi Jeb Bush ! thanks for sharing your opinions on nuclear power ! I am totally agree with it.

Car Lease Broker Los Angeles

Why do people always look for an easy way out, I feel that's what this focus on nuclear energy is. Another 'easy' way, isn't this how we got into this mess in the first place?

Dentist Hollywood

Sorry but anyone with the name "Bush" I don't care to listen to.

Air Purifier

Interesting article, we definitely need to be focusing on energy conservation.

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

Why is it we'll need 40% more electricity by 2030? Shouldn't we be cutting back, not increasing our usage!!!

Therapist New york

I don't think we should be relying on nuclear energy, but trying to make as many other forms of renewable energy as possible.

fish tv

Sure nuclear power may be 'greener' but how safe is it?

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