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March 30, 2008


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Wow, 80 miles per hour? That's pretty fast for this type of vehicle, right?

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It's amazing the stuff they were working on years ago and I still feel like I have yet to see these in mass production.

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I understand these processes take a lot of time but hasn't this technology been around for a while? Shouldn't more people be in electric or hybrid cars?

Underwater Video Camera

99.994% is good, right? Or does it have to be 100...

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Never heard of cityZENN before, sounds like they're doing great research!

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I would be interested on any updates as well.

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Hopefully they were able to overcome the trouble with developing that ultracapacitor, at this point I'm sure they either figured it out or scrapped the project.

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Very inserting. I would like to read that press release that you quoted now too.

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