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March 07, 2008


run your car on water

i wish they would work on this more.

run your car on water

the car companies need to start working on this more. All they do is talk about it. they need to move forward.

oilfield equipment

why is gm doing this.

run your car on water

they need to keep this going.


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Scaffold boards

Good news: I have found your meds! I'll try to get them to you right away. Your enthusiasm for GENIE suggests that you have missed several scheduled doses.

Sheer curtain

Why waste money buying the new fuel cell cars when you can convert your current car to run on hho fuel browns gas.

Angela (phg)

I think it will take forever for the Gov't to get on board.

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Unfortunately I’ve missed this news. I'm sure if the new batteries, lithium-ion pack made by Hitachi, alternator-generator combined with good, can deliver three times more power than the older systems company, which used nickel metal hydride batteries. This idea is very brilliant. I've felt this technology.


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This doesn't seem to be the case anymore, right? I see more hybrids than electric cars...unless they're actually electric and I just didn't know it!

Dentist Hollywood

Did GM end up using those last year?

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Did GM end up using those last year?

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I think I remember seeing they have a Chevy Volt out which is their electric car I guess. I don't know anyone who has one though.

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Toyota doesn't seem to be big into electric, I see more hybrids around than I have in the past couple of years.

fish tv

It's interesting to see these articles a few years after they were written, to see what big car companies like this have actually been up to since these were published.

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GM seems to have gone electric and Toyota back to the fuel cells.

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