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March 24, 2008



very thanks admin

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thanks admin

bağlama vefki

very thanks

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gas prices have definitely gotten better, but still aren't great.

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I totally agree with you, we need to increase our efficiency in all of those fields, I live in Los Angeles and with as many people as we have we should have a MUCH better
public transportation system. It's ridiculous that our local government hasn't helped out in this way- think of how much it would help everybody- especially the environment.

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Does anyone know if we've reached the "Peak"?

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This makes me want to go get an electric scooter, or a bicycle.

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Double digit oil price is history? This article is obviously old!

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We do need to recognize these devastating effects as you call them, people don't realize what they are doing to the world, or they don't care enough to act.

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I am young and yet I can still remember the double digits gas prices... It is painful to admit that we won't be seeing that again.

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