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March 24, 2008


George Bruce

Meanwhile, oil prices dropped below $100 today......

George Bruce

Meanwhile, oil prices dropped below $100 today......


Good post there, sobering and thought provoking. We all need to do out bit to contribute and manage our energy requirements more effectively. I think that electric vehicles are a real and viable option for transport which more and more people are looking to adopt recently. Harnessing wind and solar power are also ways in which we can help ourselves and the environment.


Go clean nuclear go!


Suddenly, Mr James Howard Kunstler is sounding more main and less ex-treme. I've been reading his book, the Long Emergency (2004) and his predictions are coming true.

If you check my blog, you will see I have little trouble finding fault with the local press (Sydney Morning Herald) but so far I'm finding it hard to fault Kunstler. He understands energy (2nd law of thermo), he follows history and he has a pretty good understanding of the finance world. There are very few people who have all three - so even if Kunstler does sound shrill, he's worth giving credence to.

If he's wrong, and I hope he is, the problem is this:
One by one, he discounts each alternatives to oil, as THE solution. He is probably right. But all things pulling together, and the unforeseeable, like further innovation, might just do it.

Benjamin Cole

The price mechanism is a wonderful way to induce energy efficiency. We have pretty well-funded venture capital markets to explore new and better ways of generating energy, and liquid fuel.
Most likely, we see glut in 5 to 10 years.....


Further, we need to ease the pressure on oil and gas by expansion and diversification of other energy resources.” This is what we have already begun to do, and with high oil selling prices those other energy become competitive. But it is a fallacy to believe this expansion and diversification is done in the frame of what we call “sustainable development” : the observation of real facts shows that they are done in the frame of perpetuating the growth needed by our present economic system. For more details about such thinking, look at the March 2008 Newsletter of the blog The smart creature .


The long term effects of high oil prices are that other energy sources will become feasible, deployable, available, and ultimately ubiquitous. Its the *short* term effects that may be devastating. We will never get off of oil until oil is too expensive to use. When energy as a whole is too expensive to use, we will conserve. People are economic animals - we always match our behavior to some point just beyond our budgets.

Ron Chev

Energyville, an energy simulator interactive experience: Choose energy sources to power your city thru the year 2030!


Adam Scott

See this URL on the cause of the oil prices rising. Remember, oil is traded by speculators. We have plenty....



I heard crude oil will reach over $150 per barrel, more info can be found about peak oil.


Peak oil is a nice theory. The dynamic nature of oil use and demand coupled with US impediments to drilling and building refineries means you can have all the oil you want in the ground, but can drill fast enough or refine fast enough or ship fast enough to keep up with world demand.

You are right, use what we have now, drill for more, use our coal and build out everything else from hydroelectric to solar to wind, you name it. Couple it all to hard energy efficiency regs and buckle down for 50-100 years to get to a more stable and sustainable energy system.

It will be a great challenge and a great reward for our children and grandchildren to figure out and build.

jim barlow

We use over 20% of our petroleum as a raw material to make such things as fertilizers, synthetic fibers, plastics, paints, etc. In many cases, there is no good alternative raw material. It is stupid to burn this valuable raw material just to get heat. Future generations will look back at us and curse us for depriving them of this raw matereial.

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DoublingStocks Newsletter

David M Edwards

Have we reached peak oil? That's definitely on everyone's minds these days. Its also about the direction we go from here, knowing we may have reached it. Alternative energy sources? It's definitely something we need to be investing in heavily. The country with the biggest solutions will become the new power house. We also have to consider changing our lifestyles, developing more mass transit, and be willing to change the way we currently live.

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oil prices are finally at a good price. I hope they stay that way.

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the way is has increased over the last couple of years is so crazy.

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this is so crazy that this happened.

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John Helprin

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A friend sent me this link. It’s by NY Times best selling author Steve Alten. The book deals with the 9/11 incident, calling for the 8th anniversary to figure out THE TRUTH BEHIND THE 9/11 ATTACKS ONCE AND FOR ALL. “THE SHELL GAME.”


Anna Coulling

Moves by the CFTC to try and regulate the oil trading market and prevent the kind of speculation which has seen crude oil prices rise from $30 per barrel back towards $70+ this year took an interesting twist yesterday when it was announced that the weekly COT data would now include new details on the aggregate holdings of the big Wall Street dealers, hedge funds and other financial participants. COT data is a useful market sentiment tool but as many of the market participants both hedge and speculate it has become increasingly difficult to analyse. According to the CFTC the new format will be making its debut next Friday.

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Oil queen

Now with the gulf crisis, it will keep going up.



Now with the gulf crisis, it will keep going up.

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Oil heat is the most clean, economical, and efficient way for Virginia homeowners to keep their homes warm and comfortable all year long. Presently more than 400,000 Virginia homeowners heat their homes with oil heat. These homeowners know that oil heat is one of the best bargains around. The price for heating oil has remained virtually the same relative to inflation since the 1950's. So why everything from new vehicles to a loaf of bread has risen in price, heating oil has, in real terms, decreased.

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I think the oil prices will only move in one direction and that is up. As long as there is a demand for it and the means of getting it gets harder there is only one way it can go. Up up and up.


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It really hurts in every family.As the oil and other fuels increase in price,other basic need gets affected. For the past years,economic crisis had come which push more hard to people.

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The fundamentals behind the spectacular price increase are the booming energy demand, shrinking conventional resources and consequent shift in demand-supply axis.

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Good post man! It is important that people know the current state the world is in.

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It was bound to happen at some point. Today, four weeks into the new year, Brent crude did what it hasn’t done since 2008: topped $100 a barrel.

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I'm sure the price of oil will drop when demand drops. The problem is, emerging markets will create a higher demand for oil in the next 25- 50 years. Until alternative energy can become more efficient and lower priced, demand for oil, and subsequently the price of oil, will remain high. I think Americans will face the price crunch the most because of the reliance on transportation and commutes that are longer distances than that of Europe and Asia.

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So sad to heard this news. Hope that our government will make some steps regarding this problem.


ONGC is also a benificiary of this double digit pricing. They should spend a part of this to develop alternate sources of energy like solar by investing in technologies like manufacture of polysilicon and photovoltaic cells.


ONGC is also a benificiary of this double digit pricing. They should spend a part of this to develop alternate sources of energy like solar by investing in technologies like manufacture of polysilicon and photovoltaic cells.

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It is nice to know the current state and condition of the country. Over the years all natural fuels available are getting expensive every year.


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i think now is the time to have some substitute in crude oil. Crude oil increases it's price almost every week. It is the right time to have some biogas or electric cars to develop.


Its a bit disappointing to know that we always need Oil products so we have to consume its price increase even if we are forced to.

Green Power

It's about time we made a switch to green power anyway. The sooner we do it on a mass population basis, the sooner we can end our dependence on Big Oil.


The fundamentals behind the spectacular price increase are the booming energy demand, shrinking conventional resources and consequent shift in demand-supply axis.

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