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February 05, 2008



It's interesting to point out, that the Nuclear Industry can't get financing from Wall Street either.



An interesting lesson to learn:

My dad worked at the CBOT
His dad worked on Wall Street
They both taught me the same thing:

"Corporate America will win even if they have to rig the game."

In this case, I see utilities such as AEP and Southern Company rigging the game. A preemptive strike if you will. They obviously see a carbon tax or cap and trade system coming down the pipeline and they obviously see the threat that solar and wind poses to their veritable mints (coal fired plants).

They are obviously aware of the fact that tremendous CO2 eimision reductions can be had by simply addressing the demand side of the equation. Simple stuff:

-CFL and LED lighting
-Ground source heat pumps
-On site CHP (combined heat and power)

If the likes of AEP, Exelon, and Southern Co decided that they really wanted to reduce their emissions, they'd modify legislation that would allow for mass acceptance of CHP (which it appears they are doing). They would still own and operate the CHP plants and would still make their profits by burning fuel. No paradigm change. They live to fight another day.

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Exactly, which is where the underlying problems only just begin. Corporate America will always win.

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In San Francisco, I have been told that all new constuction must have solar power. That will make a big difference whar there is no choice and will be financed in the mortgage.

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That will make a big difference whar there is no choice and will be financed in the mortgage.

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Glad to see the power being used for good rather than evil. Lol

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I love that they did this! I think we need more big companies to help out with endorsing alternative energy research! They can afford to really make a change in the world.

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This is an interesting move, now let's see if this will bring any good results.

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Good principles, I hope they make a difference.

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Great stuff we need to focus on getting not only other energy but purer air.

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I love the first one, we should definitely work on not even producing CO2 emissions.

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These are all great principles, now we just need to make sure people are working on making them a reality.

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Energy efficiency is so important!

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It would be great if we could implement these processes across the entire industry like you said, this is incredibly crucialto what we are working on in terms of alternative energy.

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The new President will have to embrace this exact plan if the United States is to avoid economic catastrophe.

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That will make a big difference whar there is no choice and will be financed in the mortgage.

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