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February 14, 2008



Have a look at the air powered car. It beats any electric car to date in efficiency, cost, green image etc.


Cost? How can you talk about the cost of an air car that's not for sale yet? Until it's for sale, it's still vaporware.


An air car powered by vaporware and hype...do I need a hose or Blue Ray for my computer?


Vaporware, air cars and the Chevy Volt aside, the Georgia Tech research appears pointless - which is hard for me to say as there is usually something to learn from any R&D. The GT R&D would only be valuable, if at all, for a short window of time until peak oil, and would probably provide the same meager miles per gallon we have today, sans global warming emissions. These efforts do not appear original or fruitful, unless the results reveal their own futility.

Carl Hage

While this makes an interesting research project, the obvious question would be-- which is more cost effective, separating and recycling CO2 onboard a car, or compensating for CO2 emmissions by sucking CO2 out of the air? It's hard to imagine anything that could compete with land-based CO2 removal.

Would a membrane reactor and pressurized CO2 storage sysem cost and weigh less than a battery?

Roger Brown
the Georgia Tech research appears pointless

I would not say that this research is pointless, although I am not overly hopeful of a practical application. If hydrogen could could be cheaply produced from renewable and/or nuclear energy (I realize that this is a big "if") then methanol can be synthesized from H2 and CO2 via the reaction CO2 + 3H2 ==> H2O + CH3OH. Methanol can be used directly as a fuel or it can be processed wholely or partly into gasoline. Thus CO2 capture could enable a "hydrogen economy" without the need for a hydrogen infrastructure. George Olah has discussed this idea in his book The Methanol Economy. I am not holding my breath waiting for such a process to be become economical, but CO2 capture would allow it to work in technical sense.

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“We had to look for a system that never dilutes fuel with air because once the CO2 is diluted, it is not practical to capture it on vehicles or other small systems,” Well that's good. Hope you achieve your goal.


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It's great that people are actually out there working on this kind of stuff. Makes it look good for the future.

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Cant wait to see this in production. Great blow very informative.

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This is a great article and I wonder whether the Georgia team succeeded or not but projects which involves lessening pollutions will definitely get a huge response. It's good to see more Leafs on the road. Chevy Volt too is a green car but too expensive.

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Once again a great job....Always very informative and well thought out. Look forward to the next one!

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Liquid fuels are combustible or energy-generating molecules that can be harnessed to create mechanical energy. It is usually producing kinetic energy.


I try and learn something new everyday. Thanks for the information.

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They should start producing many units for these types of cars.


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I would definitely buy a car that used this system- even if it was a bit more expensive or time consuming because I needed to take it to have the emissions taken out.

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Do you know if they have been able to make the synthetic liquid they needed?

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That's a great idea- to store the emissions and then recycle them like that.

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I hope they were/are able to accomplish this! Any updates?

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Ooh what an amazing device, hope it's working.


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The new President will have to embrace this exact plan if the United States is to avoid economic catastrophe.

Tari Ledsome

If this energy-friendly experiment works out as expected, it will be a huge development in the search for viable alternative fuel options and renewable energy sources. The project should be tested through the school's shuttle service to see if it truly works as promised.

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This has been interesting for the past few years. I hope they would implement this to all vehicles.

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