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February 26, 2008


Hydrogen Energy is the future


Angela (prime hydrogen)

Just curious what your thoughts are. Now that Obama is in office and gas prices are down, I wonder if this means that this will all be put on the back burner?

Angela (prime hydrogen)

The powers to be are taking notice. It's called the Honda FCX Clarity.

run your car on water

this is so good. thanks for the great information.

run your car on water

i hope they do this. lets drop the consumption.

Sulfuric Guy

The EU really becomes a leader in green technology. Well done! Other developed countries may follow EU in researching, and chemicals. For example, exhaust emission of H2SO4 gases and sulfuric oxides from automotive industry was droped by 35% since 2000

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Mike C. Steinberg

Real hydrogen technology is at least a decade away, and this is 2010. In the interim, what DOES make sense, is building and installing electrolyser generators, and use electolysis to crack water for oxyhydrogen gas to assist gasoline powered engines in our cars.

Contrary to what some axe-grinding naysayers say, it does work...it will increase your mileage. I'm willing to bet, that not one of the naysayers have ever built one and tested it. I have! It increased my mileage by 12 miles to the gallon. With some improvements, I think I can do even better. Don't listen to people who give you that line about "...the extra power required by the alternator cancels out the gain." Internal combustion engines on gasoline are only approximately 18% efficient. That means, that only a small gain makes a noticeable difference in fuel mileage, because of the better combustion of gasoline by adding hydrogen. Hydrogen is 4 times more powerful than gasoline. It makes the fuel burn cleaner, and more efficiently.

I bought an inexpensive book manual, that shows simply how everything works, and how to build one very cheaply, and get it to work. Listen, if you can change the oil in your car, you can do this...believe me! If anyone is interested in helping themselves, go take a look at my blog, at:


Pure Hoodia

It is the need of the hour to use the hydrogen energy to the fullest because the reservoir of fossil fuels are soon gonna be empty.


Hydrogen is a very good alternative for fossil fuel in the coming future. There are many advantages of using hydrogen as a fuel. Firstly it is available in abundance on Earth. Secondly it is pollution free.


Somebody said they didn't have much faith in hydrogen powered mass transit busses by 2050. We already have some now! It's only been 104 years since man first flew! What do you think this world will be like in 40 years? I won't be here, but I'll wager that technology will advance to degrees never thought possible. Hydrogen is a tough nut to crack here on earth. Doable?...yes. It's the one element that we have, that we have more than we will ever need...water. Old Henry Ford had it right when he said, "...if you think you can, and you think you can't...you're right!"

Drilling Chemicals

That's great that you think in this way there's many times that people get boring reading a book.

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This was very interested and informative. However, you neglected to mention Autodesk's products (Inventor, AutoCAD, Showcase), which seems to be an oversight. Also, at Autodesk University I recently heard of a new 3D holographic technology that could be used in place of 3D printing. Not sure if it has a place in this article but thought I would mention it. Overall a very nice and effective job.

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I have a hard time believing scientist and timelines now, it's always changing! Even the smartest people are wrong oftentimes.

Dentist Hollywood

Wonderful that Hydrogen energy could take oil consumption down by that much! 2050 is still a ways off, but a 40% reduction is amazing.

Air Purifier

How is this project coming along? Is 2050 still the goal time? It'd be good if they could accomplish this sooner.

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I agree with you that we should focus more on plug-in and electric vehicles.

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Nice article, I like reading what you post and then seeing what your opinion is, you're obviously very educated on these matters.

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Why do you think hydrogen from natural gas or electrolysis a waste of fossil fuels?

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Do you know what's happening with this now?

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So down 40% in the next 40 years? Not bad I guess, wish this could happen sooner


In my view, the cost of end-use applications needs to be reduced considerably. Studies show that hydrogen decouples energy demand from resources and could also act as a temporary energy storage medium, thus facilitating the large-scale introduction of renewable energy into the power system.

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