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February 08, 2008


Kit P

"Among the 11 children listed are William Henry (born 1880, died 1898), Iva Louise (born 1890, died 1898), and Dora Alice (born 1894, died 1898)."


I wonder if loons like noah and Charles Barton can figure out the root cause of three Cann children dying at the same time?

I am concerned about havng an adeqate supply of electricity. Power plants are strictly regulated to protect the public. No member of the public has been hurt let alone killed m a fossil or nuke plant in he US.

It is a wild leap of logic from percieved risk (concern)to actualy hurting someone. I can not imagine a senerio where a member of the public could be hurt.

It has been m full time job at times to imagine a senerio where a member of the public could be hurt. I could list all the plausible senerios that terrorist could be use. I will only list one since I do not want the Department of Homeland Security to pay me a visit or give dangerous loon any ideas.

Flyng airplanes into bulding full of people. I am n too concerned about that anymore. It only worked 3 times. Once the hazard was identified, compensateing measures were taken by the passenger.

I am also concernered about solar energy. If you leave living things in a car in the California sun with the windows rolled up, they wll die. My concern is real too. Idiots like noah do it all the time.

"simpler, safer, cheaper options"

Renewable energy can be safe enough, and cheap enough but noah can not anwer m concern about it being big enough. So what is your plan to make solar actually work long eneough for be an adequate suppy of energy.

While noah may not be a baby boomer, he will not live long enough to see solar ever achive a 2% market share (not counting biomass solar collectors). The generation that noah belongs to will not save the planet because us boomers have already done that.


Here is the actual data on toxicology from the nuclear industry - please note that it also includes the weapons industry, so would tend to exaggerate the risk of a civil program:


The nuclear industry is one of the safest ever - far more people would die mining the ore for a major expansion of the wind industry, as it uses many times as much material.

David Walters

Just on coal for those concerned. The 24,000 dealths Charles refers to comes from the EPA. The figure I read in one of their papers indicates 33,000, not 24,000.

If you google "dirty coal" in google you will more information you ever wanted to know about in terms the cause of death by coal. And no, it isn't mercury. Mercury is not good and, it's showing up more and more in fish. This mercury is caused by burning coal. Has it killed anyone? Don't know. Has it caused cancer? Don't know. One can suspect it contributes to lots of nasty stuff.

I wrote that to say this: deaths from coal (and I'm excluding "life-cycle" stuff like coal mine disasters, coal truck accidents, etc) is almost exclusively from particulate, PM5 and PM2.5 for the most part. Very small...who ever stated the point about a "prinstine day" near a coal plant, then, is an idiot as you can't see the stuff that kills you.

Just about EVERY health organization traces particlate effluent from coal plants to thousands of deaths a year and *hundreds of thousands* of cases of astma and other respirtory illness.

I would challenge Kip or whoever to find a study that shows coal as causing "no deaths", except maybe from the Bituminous Coal Association.

Since he brought up China, yeah, it is worse there: 400,000 a year. About 11.5 times a worse as the US. Still no excuse.

David Walters



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Did they get the government to cough any money up?

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Do you really think we're going to experience a nuclear energy renaissance??

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The government definitely still needs to watchdog the industry, but I think they should help pay as well. This technology doesn't benefit only certain industries, it benefits every living being
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