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January 24, 2008



How good will it be in the snow? In the freeway during a snow storm there are tracks for the left and right wheels only.


Three wheelers have generally been avoided because they aren't as stable as 4 wheelers - and you don't save - or gain - anything building them that way. It's all about styling. Having the same hardware in a stylish 4 wheeler would appeal to me more.


Three wheels has nothing to do with styling. They chose 3 wheels so it is treated as a motorcycle, not a passenger car. This avoids collison tests that passenger cars need.


No battery company yet has a battery or set of batteries to give you a 150 mile range.

Alex Campbell

Funny you say that, ZAP concluded testing of some lithium batteries with a battery management system and its ZAP Xebra Truck went 152 miles on a single charge. See the link for more info.


There are so many "proposals and promises" and not enough REAL electric cars on our roads.

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Pigs are friends of human beings


Three wheels has nothing to do with styling. They chose 3 wheels so it is treated as a motorcycle, not a passenger car.

Car Lease Los Angeles

That's a cool picture! I Like the interesting body style of that.

Dentist West LA

Affordable, fast enough, and electric? I would probably buy one of these if they sold them in the US.

backup camera

Is this going to be available in the US??

SEO Services

Did this go into commercial production yet, it's been a few years since this was written.

Air Purifier

Wow, 100 miles/per hour is good, would love one of these!

Office 2010

The new President will have to embrace this exact plan if the United States is to avoid economic catastrophe.

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