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January 22, 2008



Its a big project to install electric charging stations all over the country also in line they have the responsibility of producing electric cars. Do they the responsibility of maintenance also. I doubt because its seems as enormous according to the size. Used Car Dealers

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We try to learn and adapt more sustaianable form of fuel. i wish in the future we can run out of fossil fuel

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$6 a gallon??? I wouldn't even bother owning a car if I lived in Israel!

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We need more electric cars in the US!!!

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Project Better Place sounds like a good org, I need to check them out.

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I think Nissans are good cars, I hope they come out with an electric or hybrid in the US!

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I want a battery-powered car, I hope they start producing more of them and it brings the cost down.

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why is this specifically for Israel? Why can't we do this in the US? Do we need government support or implementation to get these kinds of plans in motion?

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That's great that they are providing cars that run only on electricity. Amazing.

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