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January 24, 2008


Al Fin

RF-CF works even better for tar sands--10 to 15 barrels produced per barrel used! It actually converts the tar sands and heavy oil to sweet crude! Very economical, in fact a steal at today's oil prices.

Good news, now that we are learning that CO2 has less effect on climate than we once believed. (it has some effect, but much lower sensitivity than thought, with no net feedbacks)


Can you substantiate 'CO2 has less effect on climate than once believed' with references?

Harvey D

If the energy required comes from nearby Nuclear plants, this process could reduce GHG and pollution over current tar sands extraction methods. Canada could become a major Oil exporter.

Using/burning the fossil fuel produced (many trillion barrels) would still produce huge amount of GHG unless ICE vehicles-machines and furnaces can be further improved.

Of course, improved HEVs and PHEVs could reduce fuel consumption and associated GHG.

Interesting perspectives,

Al Fin

This is an interesting teaser, looking into the question of CO2, ground station temperatures, solar effects, ocean oscillations, and satellite readings.

This is a look at the parallel issue of rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and possible drivers of that phenomenon, beyond the anthropogenic.

Both from the blog of Anthony Watts, currently undertaking the thankless task of improving the (currently low) credibility of the USHCN network of climate ground stations.

It is not really a matter of substantiating the negation of what is only one hypothesis out of many--even if it has become the overriding eco-dogma of modern times. CO2 is one of many forcings on the climate. Al Gore may worship at its feet, but it gets no reverence from me!

Paul F. Dietz

In other words, no, you don't have any credible evidence supporting your assertion.

This is my unsurprised face.

Al Fin

And the reality is, the dogma of anthropogenic CO2 as the root of catastrophic global warming is growing ever more tenuous, in genuine scientific circles. If you are serious about sources, you can find them as well as I can give them. But personally, I would start with the blogs of Roger Pielke Sr. and Steve McIntyre, and branch out from there.

In the best tradition of scientific reductionism, one must look at each of the components of the (highly politicized) CAGW hypothesis.

One needs to have a curious nature, however, and not be easily satisfied by glib reassurances.

Paul F. Dietz

And the reality is, the dogma of anthropogenic CO2 as the root of catastrophic global warming is growing ever more tenuous, in genuine scientific circles.

This notion exists only in your disordered imagination. The reality is that the consensus in the climate science community (a small population of cranks and semicranks notwithstanding) is that increased CO2 will cause global warming. This view is supported by multiple overlapping pieces of theory and evidence.

You have apparently cherrypicked some comforting denialist sites. Do be aware that such sites will always exist, even if the science is well established. This no doubt enables you to continue your escape from reality, but is more pathetic than convincing.

Al Fin

We have seen that current satellite trends diverge from GCM projections--even while atmospheric CO2 continues to climb.

So, the question is, what would it take to falsify the tenuous foundation of CAGW--catastrophic anthropogenic global warming? To this point, there is no "there", there. Nothing to falsify, therefore there is no science. Merely theories and computer models, backed up by a mess of proxies that contradict each other.

It is a fascinating picture of unscientific misconduct--but it will be even more fascinating to see how the shaky theories react to a contradictory reality--as time goes on. I am willing to sit and watch it happen. Who's got the popcorn?

Paul F. Dietz

We have seen that current satellite trends diverge from GCM projections--even while atmospheric CO2 continues to climb.

Nope, wrong. You need to do more than parrot well-debunked denialist talking points.

There was a discrepancy between surface and satellite measurements of temperature that was eventually tracked down to a miscalculation of satellite orbital decay. When the calculation error was corrected, the discrepancy disappeared.

BTW, 'current satelliate measurements' would have a hard time disagreeing with GCM predictions, since short term temperatures are so afflicted by weather noise that they cannot be used to test predictions from GCMs. This doesn't stop pseudoscientists from looking at short term noise and claiming it does just that, but they are lying.

Al Fin

Not only is there a continued deep discrepancy between surface temps and satellite readings (confirmed by radiosonde), we are beginning to learn why ground temps have been warm-biased. Warm-biasing of ground temps has skewed GCM results toward absurd scenarios--driving much of the mindless alarmism exemplified by the true believers.

Pseudoscience IS GCMs at this time, unfortunately. It may take another ten years of data to put to rest the current chicken little alarmist message of catastrophism.

The debate goes on, meanwhile, despite the best efforts of orthodox true believers to stamp it out.


Al Fin

Do you have any references about your first post. How only one barrel used get in return 10-15 barrels? That RF/CF Tech really works, and can it really turn heavy oil into light crude?


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The method is more economical and environmentally responsible than older oil shale extraction techniques as it uses far less power, does not severely disrupt the landscape or leave behind residue that can enter groundwater supplies.










BP Oil crisis - Complexity

Why does something as simple as an oil leak turn into a full blown out crisis? Part of the reason is that British Petroleum (BP) denied world wide help until BP realized that the oil leak was much greater than they had anticipated. Rebecca Costa discusses in her book “The Watchman’s Rattle”, how difficult it is to get people, businesses and governments to work together to solve problems. Even though we have access to the technology to prevent global epidemics like famine and starvation, they still occur despite our best efforts. What might start off as a simple problem can quickly escalate into a natural disaster if the appropriate response doesn’t happen immediately.

Tim Rhodes

What might start off as a simple problem can quickly escalate into a natural disaster if the appropriate response doesn’t happen immediately.

Interesting concept. This mentality could be applied virtually any problem. Expand this concept to a global scale, and it will probably take exponentially longer a response to occur in time.


I remember seeing a discussion on the shortage of resources and people competing for those resources on a Facebook community page http://www.facebook.com/thewatchmansrattle

Here’s the link to the actual video on why people hoard resources and compete with one another when they know working together creates the best outcome for everyone.


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