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January 24, 2008



This seems to remind me of MIT's approach, that uses GM e.coli to produce the butanol. i would be interested in the patent position around the microorganisms.

Cyril R.

The question is, is it better than BTL gasoline?

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More complete combustion is also a renewable energy. That's exactly the life cycle and is the concept of energy that is friendly to nature also other living beings




This is definitely the future for liquid fuel,The greener the better for me.

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Isto é sem duvida um marco na historia, tenis oakley e tambem este tenis nike da energia.

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I am not familiar with Washington U, do they do a lot of research like this there?

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New path to butanol would be great!

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If butanol is better than ethanol then we should definitely focus on making more of it.

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Is this the method that is currently most popular to produce butanol?

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How is this a different procedure than what is already being used?

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So they have to send it to St. Louis and then to Peoria? That seems a big of a hassle.

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The new President will have to embrace this exact plan if the United States is to avoid economic catastrophe.

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