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January 02, 2008



Well done! I read your blog regularly--you are my number one source for news in this area. Keep up the good work!

Carlos A. Carlini

Jim, Happy New Year to you and to all the readers!. Congratulations for the recognition. Your blog contents deserves it.


Jim, your blog is in my tech favourites - thanks for your hard work to make a commendable site!


Jim, your blog is in my tech favourites - thanks for your hard work to make a commendable site!


Your blog is in my favourites - thanks for a great site!

David Grenier

Venture any predictions for 2008? How high will oil go? What current lab-only products will make it into commerical production? Will high energy prices actually finally drive a drop in demand? Will the government pass any sort of carbon tax or the like? WIll solar-panel efficiency keep increasing?


Good Job, Jim. I have been a regular visitor of your blog.

My son and his friends have just launched a student environment forum few days ago, www.sustainablesocietyclub.com/forums

On the News page, they have sited one of your news, A Solar Grand Plan, already.

Keep up the good work.

Rod Ruoff


A heartfelt thanks for your efforts on making the Energy Blog so useful as a source of information and exchange.

By the way, you might have already covered it, but if not you might consider having an entry on Motorwind Turbines, the inventions of Lucien Gambarota are discussed therein. Of particular interest, I think, is his interview on PESWIKI, which is linked on this web site:


Sincerely, Rod Ruoff

Rod Ruoff

Sorry, that link got clipped when I submitted my last comment. Here it is in its entirety


That is, it ends with


Thomas D. Garven

All I can say is Happy New Year and keep up the excellent work Jim. You are at the top of my favorites list.


Very nice! You're doing something right! Keep up the good work. Your blog is great because it's more detailed than most others. You really get to the meat of the issue. By the way, I put a link on my blog roll.

brian hans

Jim et al,

Great job. My day feels hollow if I dont get my fix of 'The Energy Blog'.

Keep it up! 2008 will be even better.

john macklin

Congratulations Jim. Acknowledges what one man can do to change the world. Best wishes for 2008.

Don B.

Kids, Studies, and working 40-60 hrs/wk keep me BUSY! That doesn't leave a lot of time for extraenous reading (let alone BLOGS!)
But I always seem to find time for The Energy Blog!
Keep up the great work Jim!

Don B.


i'm reading your blog since december'07. congrat's from Turkey

jen_chan, writer SureFireWealth.com

Congratulations! You're setting a good example for all the other blogs out there. Perhaps more and more energy blogs will pop up in the future. Hopefully, more readers and lurkers find their way here. It's important to spread this sort of information.


Thanks Jim
Congratulation from Taiwan. You do a great job in this blog.
I am a venture capitalist finding the opportunity to invest, especially in energy related segment.

Oliver Morton


Thanks for another year's terrific blogging

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