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January 21, 2008


George Bruce

This entirely a symbolic, public relations move. While the energy ROI for biodiesel is much better than ethanol, the fact remains that we cannot grow enough crops to replace existing diesel demand. Not even if we give up eating.

Cyril R.

True. Unless algae based fuels suddenly make great strides forward, the 'net aggregate gains' of biodiesel might be considered to be at best rather marginal and at worst not a gain at all. Depending on how ecological, economical and societal factors are weighed in the equasion.


It surprises me that press releases like this one do not offer a shred of information regarding the fuel provider, the fuel source (feedstock), and the fuel cost. How about it, Safeway? Can you provide a few details?


I think it is a very good news.

They did more than that!!!!!

Other Safeway sustainability initiatives include:

Being one of the largest retail purchasers of renewable wind energy in the U.S, purchasing 87,000 megawatts annually, enough to power its 300 fuel stations and over 50 stores.

Launching a solar power program to convert two dozen California stores to solar energy, which will help remove 10.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the air, the equivalent of taking 1,000 cars off the road annually.

Implementing unique energy-saving strategies in stores by installing new energy-efficient refrigeration technology and freezer systems and utilizing LED lighting to significantly reduce electricity usage.

Operating an extensive recycling program in which nearly 500,000 tons of materials are recycled each year, including cardboard, plastics and compostable materials. This is the equivalent of filling six football fields stacked 35 feet high. The company also offers reusable canvas bags to customers and has plastic bag recycling programs at many stores.

Kit P

I could not find anything in Safeway's press release that smacks of green washing. No outrageous claims, just the steps they are taking to reduce the impact of the energy they use.

Alex J

Seems like a good idea to use a blend. I'm not sure we're to the point of displacing food crops. Still, pardon me for being a little skeptical in the age of image over substance, but I wonder how they're deriving the GHG figure. What percentage of biofuel are they using and from what feedstock(s)? If it's mostly from recycled fat, then it's pretty much a 100% improvement per gallon of pure biodiesel. Soy and canola have their own figures. Hopefully more companies will be able to follow suit in the future though, without the agricultural concerns.


I think it's funny that their press release says "California and U.S." as if California weren't part of the US. Or maybe it's some sort of green washing because California is "special".


Does it make economic sense ?
Who will pay/compensate for the carbon dioxides reduced ?
We need to establish a system that will make biofuel producers more profitable instead of just being volunteers.


In http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/01/19/BU63UHSMM.DTL
Safeway says the biodiesel currently costs them less than 10 cents per gallon more. I assume that Safeway customers will end up paying for the extra cost. And if they don't like it, they may shop elsewhere.


Thank you, Clee. That San Francisco Chronicle article yielded the following facts:
Safeway is using a blend of bio/petroleum diesel. The blend ratio is 20%/80%. The feedstock is soy or canola. There are a number of different suppliers across the country. The price per gallon of the blend is about a dime more than pure petro diesel.

Yes, this means that SW continues to burn lots of petroleum diesel (80%). But every little bit helps.


This is exciting news. We need more leaders moving towards clean energy.

I was disappointed to learn that John McCain was the only Senator who two weeks ago chose to skip a crucial vote on the future of clean energy in America -- dooming the measure to fail by just a single vote.

I feel our presidential candidates should make America's clean energy a priority. After further reading I found that this is a pattern with Senator McCain. On the League of Conservation Voters scorecard he received a 0 for missing the 15 most important environmental votes in 2007. McCain's score of 0 is lower than members of Congress who died last year.

John McCain's LCV score exposes the real record behind the rhetoric: a lifetime pattern of voting with polluters and special interests and ducking the important votes.

Kit P

Tiffany, if you could be more specific and provide a link to the legislation I will be happy to explain why you are an idiot. I am not aware pending legislation that was crucial to “future of clean energy in America.

I am not defending McCain's voting record just pointing out that Tiffany is engaging in a shallow attacks. By polluters and special interests do you mean those of us who work 24/7 so you can have clean air. If your air is not clean, it is because you live in a city with too many other who drive too many cars.

So Tiffany is a polluter and a member of a special interest group.

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Kit P

As Oil Prices Soar, Restaurant Grease Thefts Rise

“In 2000, yellow grease was trading for 7.6 cents per pound. On Thursday, its price was about 33 cents a pound, or almost $2.50 a gallon. (That would make the 2,500-gallon haul in the Burger King case worth more than $6,000.)”

Since Jim has not posted any new topics, I thought I would hijack a tread with the most interesting energy related story of the day and add some commentary.

One of the sad realities of increasing energy prices is number of deaths related to the stupid thing people to save a few bucks. I am not talking about the school district transportation foreman finding a way to save the district some money making biodiesel for the school buses. The foreman is accustomed to following safety and environmental regulations.

However, cooking biodiesel on the kitchen stove with the kids playing in the basement has disaster written all over it.

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So glad Safeway is on board with helping the environment!

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Great Safeway did this, I just saw a UPS truck yesterday that's supposed to be greener too, I can't remember if it said it was electric or not.

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This makes me more inclined to shop at Safeway- I do most of the time anyway, but I'd rather give my hard-earned money to companies that are doing their part to help the environmental effort than to those that are doing nothing.

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So ALL of the Safeway trucks were converted? Wonderful!

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I love Safeway for many reasons, now I have another one.

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I love seeing the "Green" symbols or electric or hybrid symbols on vehicles that companies use. Such good energy going on! Pun intended. Ha.

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The fact that this will help reduce CO2 emission by 75 million lbs a year just shows that every little effort made can make a HUGE difference

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