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January 21, 2008


Kit P

There is no shortage of natural gas in the US just a will to do it.

"We can go back to wells that are already drilled and played out, and then drill horizontal from there," said Engelder. "Reusing old wells has both economic and environmental value."

This may be a way around legal hassles. Coal bed methane is another source in this region. Historically, methane was vented before mining. Now it is captured and injected into pipelines.


@ Kit P

Agreed. Frankly, I'd like to see a large push for NG or GTL vehicles here in the U.S. Methane can be sourced from many sources (including biomass) and can be used in existing vehicles with minimal conversion necessary.

Joseph Wechter

Very interesting article.

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Good post.Natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane. It is found associated with fossil fuels, in coal beds, as methane clathrates, and is created by methanogenic organisms in marshes, bogs, and landfills. It is an important fuel source, a major feedstock for fertilizers, and a potent greenhouse gas.


The Marcellus will be a slow to develop play as the terrain is more difficult in many areas as compared to traditional drilling sites in Oklahoma & Texas. pipelines thru mountains might prove difficult. ground water neede to frac a well in this area seems to be limited from what i have read and strict regulations on drillers aren't helping in getting The Marcellus in high gear. It will be a great play, just slower to develop than The haynesville and others.

Sell Royalties

I wonder if professor Engelder's numbers are turning out to be accurate estimates.


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Coal bed methane is another source in this region...

Rob Thurnham

what is involved with horizontal drilling?
how is it done?
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And thorium also scores better on the commercially viable index.









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Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must undergo processing to remove almost all materials other than methane. Its very useful and essential to people.


Good post!Natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane.It is an important fuel source, a major feedstock for fertilizers, and a potent greenhouse gas.Anyway thanks for the post.

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Although the Marcellus Shale is the current unconventional shale drilling target in Pennsylvania. Another rock unit with enormous potential is a few thousand feet below the Marcellus. The Utica Shale is thicker than the Marcellus, more geographically extensive and has already shown that it can be of commercial value.


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This information is good especially in the American community. Because they have many supplies of natural gas that can be use in everyday life. I suggest that this plan of having greater supply of natural gas will be implement with other countries to solve the gas and oil crisis in their respective countries.


Natural gas is really a mixture of gases that formed from the fossil remains of ancient plants and animals buried deep in the earth. It is a popular fuel choice because it burns cleaner, hotter, and brighter than other fossil fuels like coal and oil. It’s also reliable. Because natural gas pipes are buried safely underground, you aren’t likely to lose service during stormy weather.


Time will come, it will slowly fade. We just have to slow down in using them.

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Thanks for the blog. In addition to the information written above, natural gas is also an important fuel source and a major feedstock for fertilizers. We have to treasure our own natural gas while it is still available.

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The only way that gas prices are going to come down is if we stop using so much oil. Coverting a home to solar or wind power is not as expensive as some think, it can be done on your own, and what expense you do incurr will be returned 10 fold in the energy savings. Go Green http://alternativeenergy2012.weebly.com/ Do it yourself solar energy

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Many homeowners rent their natural gas water heaters while many purchase. It’s a personal choice. With renting you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are covered 24/7 if anything goes wrong with your water heater.


Having a boost in their production they can earn more money because nowadays, natural gas is in demand in the world market. Not even being a source of money but Americans can use it for their own purposes.

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Hm, I've never heard of Marcellus black shale before, do you know why it's called that?

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Wow, we could recover 50 trillion cubic feet of gas from this?? Well what's the update on it?!

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Good stuff, I hope this works out!

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Is this the same Shale that you mentioned in another blog post?

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I'm curious, how do they measure how much gas the US produces?

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Are we harvesting this stuff yet?

Toni Vallen

professor Engelder's numbers are turning out to be accurate estimates

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