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January 04, 2008



I have white LED headlights for my bicycle, and it is amazing how quickly the technology has changed, and brightness has improved. Last fall, I bought last year's model of headlight, and then for about 20$ I upgraded the LED emitters which nearly tripled the amount of light with no increase in electrical load.

Indications are that in a year or two I can upgrade the LEDs again, and double the light output one more time, and end up with nearly 1000 lumens (about the same as a 60-watt lightbulb) that would draw 6 watts in a beam that is well focussed and directed.


Progress but...
This is not "LED headlights" yet. This is "LEDs in the headlights". They are to be used as daytime running lights.

From the Osram Press Release:

In the new headlights on the Audi A4 the LEDs are providing high-visibility daytime running light and stylish good looks – a successful combination of innovative headlight design and high levels of safety. This is an important first step toward the widespread use of LED technology in vehicle headlights.

According to the ADAC, the German automobile association, automobiles should be equipped with special daytime running lights as standard.


Thanks to the latest chip technology and the special SMT package, these LEDs produce a uniform white light with a brightness of 18 lumen.

Kit P

Just installed 12 LED low voltage path lights that use 50% of a 10 watt transformer. Looks very nice and functional for being able to get from the car to the house at night.

Since I live in the boondocks without street lights, my house has 1000 watts of outside lighting. I have replaced half of the decorated light with motion sensor lights. Last summer I installed some solar path lights which also use LED. However, solar does not work very well in winter, so I asked Santa a low voltage set. I got a 6 incandescent light set with a 150 watt transformer. Unfortunately, I did not bench test the transformer before installing a system did not work.

Santa then brought a the different LED system so the first thing I did was check the transformer. Much lighter and smaller and it works.

So here is the deal. Twice as many lights, 90% less energy use, 10% cheaper.


Hey Kit P,
Would appreciate any brand names you used. I would like to start researching this market for my home as a consumer. Thanks.

Kit P

The brand name was Westinghouse and purchased from Sams club.


Another manufacture is Innovative Lighting. They have varitey of unique "bulb" choices and led color. I am helping my brother install the dock kit at his house.



LED headlights are way too bright. Ridiculously bright. They are blinding. Moreso than the brights of a normal headlight. I don't understand the fascination other than it being new, a different color (so therefore one can stand out from the rest! wouldn't dare mixing in with the rest of society) and yes, it uses less energy and are smaller but they are a danger.

Jeff R

I agree with Cate that as far as safety goes, there is a point of diminishing returns. Every new generation of headlights is brighter. They enable you to see the road better, sure, but if you're blinding the advancing cars to the point they crash into you, I wouldn't call that progress! On the twisty two lane roads where I live, late model BMWs in particular blind me on a regular basis, without high beams.

Now even running lights are getting in on it--the other day, I actually flipped my rear view down in broad daylight while being tailed by an SUV because their running lights were a distraction. I wouldn't have believed that to be possible.


that is cool, Love to see them out a new cars

Mark Techopto

Sounds like a good idea to have LED headlights, but could also be a bit risky it seems like.

Designer Home Hardware

If they could tone down the brightness a little like Cate said I think they'd be fantastic.


The great thing about LED headlights is that they are tailorable to the situation. Brightness can be modified when oncoming cars are detected just by varying the current supplied to the lights.


The super-bright headlights you've seen are probably HIDs, not LEDs. HIDs are the obnoxious blue lights that blind people. LED headlights could use more-natural white LEDs that put out light with a color temperature similar to normal headlights.

Xenon HID

Refurbish your vehicle through the brilliant bluish white look of a Xenon HID system. Xenon headlights enjoy certain advantages over halogen.

Xenon Lights

First time I eve here of this OSTAR.

Suzuki Grille

The Suzuki Grillenever did give names to their cars, instead consistently using letters and numbers to designate the coupes, sedans and the SUVs. With the Infinity Q45 being the flagship sedan, the Infinity found its place in the American market.The Infinity vehicles never did give names to their cars, instead consistently using letters and numbers to designate the coupes, sedans and the SUVs.


Infiniti parts

HID Conversion

Wow! This really be a major breakthrough in car world. The invention will be great since it is an advanced technology that give convenient to all car owners.

claudio arruda

Ate que enfim acertou no contexto tenis oakley e tambem este tenis nike agora entendo bem.


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