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January 17, 2008



I understand that they are using lead-acid batteries in this dive system:
So this Firefly battery technology should tie in really well with this, particularly in it's CD2 incarnation, with either greatly reduced weight and costs, or a still more powerful system capable of going much farther on electric, of the order of 120miles.
In addition it might be possible to reduce the weight and cost of the capacitor system, as the Firefly batteries are quicker to charge and discharge, and are much less sensitive to deep discharge.

Paul H.

I just want them to sell them at Walmart, so I can use those instead in my EV conversion. 2 years? I hope so. It sounds like it will be a replacement for the NiMH batteries that GM bought, sold to Chevron (Cobasys) and then sat on. The Cobasys patent expires in 6 years, these will be sold in 2, and should be cheaper? I hope Firefly stays as far away from Chevron Investments as possible.


Did they ever get around to publishing the spec sheet for their OASIS battery? Checked the website, but the "coming soon" blurb is still up. Anyone have better luck?

Ed Harley

Looks like Firefly finally posted a spec sheet for their Oasis battery:


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Great work! I'd be interested in hearing more of your views!

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Finally one such reliable battery that is capable to give longer life to the EVs on road. The new microcell foam technology can rule out all the other patented technologies. I wish they sell these batteries from all the local stores.

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I think that's quite an honor that they gave Durbin the first one. I hope he put it in a nice place in his house!

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So nice of them to give Durbin the very first one.

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That's great that Durbin helped them and they were able to finish their work!

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Are they offering individual batteries yet?

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Good technology, I am so glad they made so much progress.

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An increase up to a staff of 45 is wonderful, they must be doing well.

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