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January 07, 2008



The Chinese would do well to use the captured C02 for EOR in the Daqing and Shngli oil fields, both of which are in decline. The value of the additional oil production would help to offset the additional cost of such "clean" coal plants.


How far away are those fields?


China is still trying very hard to reduce the SOx emissions. If China were forced to reduce the carbon emission, it might not be as effective as we all want it to be. The other point that Chinese officials are always using to argue against the immediate action on carbon sequestration, is that the energy consumption per person in China is far less than that of developed countries.

All Roads

Just came across this blog and found the above post interesting.

Last month, a major report was put out that showed China to be on track for 18% renewable energies by 2020.

Now, I have lived in China for 6 years and I have a helthy case of skepticism, however there is now a lot of pressure from citizens to clean up the environment.

historically, any changes were top down (meaning Beijing pushed down). however, we are beginning to see where NGOs and citizens are being given more power than at any time, and this is will lead to change.

If you would like to follow China's development, I invite you to view China at the Crossroads (www.china-crossroads.com). I am covering issued related to CSR, sustainable development, labor, etc there and I am spending a lot of energy on energy.

Keep up the great work, and I hope to see you at the Crossroads.


Cyril R.

They are putting a lot of resources into renewables but it is only a drop in the bucket. What else can they do of any consequences?

Hydro (both micro and large) is not a drop in the bucket in China. Even if big hydro isn't considered a good thing (fair case considering the Three Gorges Dam project), China is the world leader in micro hydro and solar thermal hot water systems. Wind is coming. Solar thermal maybe later (China has excellent desert resource).

The Chinese energy plan for 2020 is very ambitious. Increasing coal plants' average electrical efficiency to ~50%, more nuclear and hydro, fast growth of wind and a bit more NG. Non-waste biomass is not a good idea in my opinion. PV yes already happening but systems must be cheaper for it to really matter.

Much more aggressive than the US I'd say!

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