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January 17, 2008


Kirk Tierney

With LED lights, it is a matter of spectrum quality, not brightness. While they have their uses in some applications, reading by one is like reading something under a street lamp.

Whereas the solar spectrum is broadly inclusive of a wide range of wavelengths, LED's tend to have very spikey peaks in certain key wavelengths. Our visual processes do not like this.

So if there is news of a broad-spectrum LED solution, that's real news.

Chanranshu Pandya

While resarch is going on, it appears that it may take quite some time before bringing LEDs to any commercial levels of operation.

Greg Woulf

I couldn't disagree with you more Kirk. We went through a hurricane here and my electricity was out for weeks.

The one bright spot, pun intended, was discovering just how good my LED light was.

The LED lighting was soft and comfortable to read by, and my 3 D cell batteries lasted non-stop for two weeks.

The only problem I saw was that it wasn't bright enough to fill the room. Pointing toward a book it was perfect. This article points to the same thing.

If you go to any book store you'll see night reading lights and almost all, if not all of them are LED. I still read by the LED when I go to bed because it's easier on my eyes.

I think you might be thinking of fluorescent.


Here is another article on wide spectrum solid state light sources:

Stephen Boulet

LLF claims to have an LED light fixture with a CRI of 92. They claim that their 12W recessed lighting fixtures use "85% less energy spent per incandescent light, and 50% less than a CFL", and they're dimmable.

I think that their product will soon have a lot of company.


Harvey D


And a pleasent warm light at that. However, the price per lumens (about 20 cents) is still very exorbitant.

Equivalent CFL sell for about (1 to 2 cents/lumens) with energy saving of about 70% vs 85%. LEDs have a long way to go before they become cost effective.

Seo Web Guide

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) is a light that is so soft that give you efficient light and improve the wastage of energy.MORE..... offshore company formation

Duncan Munday

We are receiving more and more enquiries from customers about LED lighting and have run many tests on new LED lamps. I believe within 12 months there will be a lamp that is a TRUE 50 watt halogen equivalent and at an affordable price. Customers are put off at the moment thinking LED lighting is just the little diodes you would have seen in a scholl science class 10 years ago, so we are embarking on a marketing campaign to try and educate consumers of the benefits of LED lights particularly the running costs

Duncan Munday

LED technology is moving very quickly we are testing new LED products here regularly, for the first company to introduce a true 50 watt halogen equivalent led downlight at a price that is right will make a killing in the market and this will me the end for CFL lamps.

Ace Lamps

Very interesting article, LED lighting is the way forward, so its good to see technology making advancements with the LED's

enrique r. lopez

LED bulbs are truly an energy saving option, i have a magled 3-d flashlight and a surefire 6p xenon bulb battery is good for an hour (surefire) and my magled last 10 or more hours. led bulbs are on the whitish color while the surefire is more of our standard car headlamp halogen's shade////different applications should be given some thought.

Martin in Thailand

Already in March 2007 the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg, Germany was opened, using LED lighting only, a total of more than 160.000 LEDs. Looks beautiful, see some pictures at http://thaihaus.info/hausbau/topic/53

The Chamber of Commerce saves a lot of power, and no more constant changing of broken lightbulb.

Looking at these pictures, and at some real samples on which I got my hands this week, I'd say that LEDs are ready for prime time, now, today!

Jeff Chan

The price for LED's is still quite high but we've found that applications with 12-24 hour burn times - you get payback within 1-3 years depending on where you live:
LED Light Bulbs

Scroll down to the bottom to check lifetime costs, payback periods etc. per state.

Kevin Johnson

I have found a site that has a number of LED replacement bulbs that offer energy savings. Are the problems with light and broad spectrum still an issue? The bulbs I was looking into are going to replace my CFLs, because I don't like the disposal and mercury issues.

The bulbs I am looking into are at http://www.ledenergysolutions.com/_apps/led_store/product_dets.php?id=16

I thought these looked like a reasonable replacement?

Mark Techopto

Hopefully the brighter LED lights come out sooner than 3 years. I use some LED lights around the house but it just isn't enough light, especially during the winter.

oilfield equipment

i think they are coming out sooner than that. i would love to have some for my house now.

Alex M

There are some other interesting energy efficient lighting solutions out there. Hinkley Lighting has CA Title-24 lights, low energy lights, photovoltaic lights, and lights designed to reduce upward light pollution for the night during outdoor lighting.

Hid Light

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Interesting read. Personally I am a big fan of LEDs because of the versatility that they provide.
Enjoyed the comments, but one thing that I am not seeing here is all of the fun applications that LEDs can provide. Take a look at the
LED wall tiles from this energy efficient bulb supplier. I think things are pretty cool.

Process Analysis,Australia

If you go to any book store you'll see night reading lights and almost all, if not all of them are LED.........

HID Ballast

The blog posting is nice & attractive.

Hazardous location lighting

LED lights are the future, use a lot less power, and last really long, they just need to get the prices down. I guess that will happen a few years down the line.

led street light

Great blog. There are too many benefits to this form of lighting for it not to be the future of it!
It is helpful to me!


LEDs really look like the way forward. There's a company called Homewatt that does special offers on GU10 LED bulbs; that's where I got most of mine from.

Electronic Gadgets

"Brighter LED Lights Could Replace Household Light Bulbs Within Three Years" i agree, i had install LED Light Bulbs on my house instead of all light bulbs.

Daniel Sourcing

i look forward seeing these new led lights in production. Led is the future for both lights and future of tv's. Bright light ahead!

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This was an age of innocence and happiness.God bless you all, and God bless America !

nike shox

That is really cool. I hadn't seen that chrome case before, but it's really sleek.

led lighting

Great article. Tells you a lot about led lighting.

Led eco lighting

LED lights will save you money in bills and maintenance costs, help the environment plus thy are safer as they dont release harmful chemicals. LEDs are definately the lighting choice of the future.

Hid Kit

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LED Par 38

LED lights are the future, use a lot less power, and last really long, they just need to get the prices down. I guess that will happen a few years down the line.

Jeff Ransome

I believe that the quality is now there for LED's it just needs government to help the consumer with the initial cost.

Outdoor LED lights

The one bright spot, pun intended, was discovering just how good my LED light was.

Gu10 led spot

Vores løsninger giver store muligheder for besparelser på jeres elregning. Hvis du vil have en indikation på, hvor stor jeres energibesparelse kan blive, så udfyld vores online beregningsskema og få et hurtigt

Steve Lillybeck

No matter what tool or appliance you're working with it's important to save energy.

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It's been 3 years are people using these in their houses yet? I know I'm not, but I would.

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What if we just altered the casing the light is in, like found a whole new material to put them in. Would that work?

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Where can I buy these? Or can I even buy these yet?

parking sensor system

Don't they use LED's in some tv's, as well? Or am I thinking of LCD...

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Do they use a lot less power?

Tours in Venice

If we are already using these in some technology I don't understand why it's taken us so long to utilize them in
our homes.

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