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December 13, 2007


Buddy Ebsen

This reminds me of the approach of the power industry and its cronies in Ontario - "Power needs will continue to rise as before with a population which will continue to increase as before."

Both assumptions are false, as we switch to CFL and LED lighting, upgrade to Energy Star appliances, use less water, use passive solar, use more co-generation, etc. and populations all over the world begin to stabilize and even begin to decline in most industrial countries.

It strikes me these are scare tactics used to promote the nuclear industry, usually at the expense of renewables. They say, sure, we'll spend a bit on renewables, but the vast majority of investment needs to go into nukes, immediately.

G.R.L. Cowan, hydrogen-to-boron convert

And ... let me guess. You believe government subsidizes the nuclear industry, and members of the IEA, an agency that lives entirely by subsidy from several governments, are pushing nuclear energy because they dislike money.

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How much do you have to invest in a poer grid. Well , i wonder how much governmnets have to spend on it and moreover they are subsidizing things along.

Steven Carew

11 trillion pounds equals about 22 trillion dollars. This amount of money equals 74,250,000 killowatts of power without any pollution whatsoever with my new power source. However it would mean no more coal, nuclear, deisel, and or any other source of pollution. This presents a problem, not the lack of pollution but the lack of industry that creates our power today.

Steven Carew

I must make a correction to my earlier blog where I use the figure of 74,250,000 killowatts per 22 tillion dollars spent. This figure should have been 74,250,000,000 killowatts every second of every day


Steven, how is Omaha treating you these days?

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These all sound pretty feasible...in the long run it will help us all.

Air Purifier

Amazing, I hope they were successful in reducing CO2 emissions!

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Very interesting article, has any effort been made to make this a reality?

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How many nuclear stations do we have already in the world?

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