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December 11, 2007



I hope they don't change the design too radically. The Volt concept looked great. The car's robust styling made an important point - electric cars don't have to look like souped-up golf carts or something only your grandmother would drive.


Style is still one of the biggest factors in people's car purchase decisions, assuming that the car doesn't have square wheels or something. I hope they make it look great.


I agree, style does have a lot to do with purchase decisions. Personally, all these flashy showings mean nothing to me. I wonder, however, with 30% reduction in drag, does the Volt now look just like a Prius!? Go GM !


I'd rather it looked like the Prius than the Volt concept. The Volt concept didn't look like it had a lot of utility, unlike the Prius which has more storage than the Camry. I want the Volt to be a 4-door car with a cavernous trunk or hatchback. Basically, I want the Opel Flextreme. That's the car I'll buy if I can get my grubby mitts on it.

Stephen Boulet

I didn't like the volt concept look. Large grills and short windows look aggressively ugly. Since some of that will have to go to make the aerodynamics, maybe nature agrees with me? ;)


david foster

I thought they were further along than this. If they're still playing with the clay models, then I guess they must not have done much with the production tooling, contrary to earlier reports.


At least GM is aware that the future of transportation is electric drive. 70% of a vehicle's energy is spent pushing air out of it's way, reducing the drag coefficient can only help. The Aptera for example, with coefficient of 0.11 gets over 230 mpg in hybrid form, now that is aero dynamic! (You can see it on EVtransPortal.com in the three wheeled electric vehicle category).

David Holtz

Has anyone else here heard that the volt will be powered by Ener1 new Lithium-ion Battery system?


Apparently LG Chemical is the other supplier:
From the Enerdel site it doesn't look as though it has anything to do with them:

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Was a new studio a necessary? Couldn't you use that money to go into more developers of technology for the electrical car?

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So glad the VOLT is electric, great stuff here!

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I test drove a Volt once, really liked it!

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So glad they're doing this, I like Shell!

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