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December 11, 2007



Should read, 16% of electricity is generated with nuclear, not 16% of total energy. Big difference.

G.R.L. Cowan, hydrogen-to-boron convert

Noted in passing: a uranium-tonne-equivalent in natural gas costs $4 million, in petroleum, $9.4 million.

A tonne of the real thing, $240,000. Australia's uranium miners' routine drilling of test holes at existing mines has increased their economically demonstrated resources -- minable for $80,000 a tonne or less -- at a rate this year of 270,000 tonnes per year. The whole world's petroleum burn rate is 300,000 uranium-tonne-equivalents per year.


I'm not going to lose sleep worrying about the Uranium supply. Fuel cost is a small enough part of the cost of N-power. Priceier Uranium might lead to exploration of better fuel cycles (reprocessing and/or Thorium for instance), so it could be a good thing.

Alex De MAida

Current uranium price, about 200 $ per kg, corresponds grossly to 2 $ per oil barrel equivalent, so very few % in nuclear electricity costs. Moreover, with thorium and breeders, nuclear is pratically renewable on a human scale, more than 1 millions years of resources at current world electricity (not energy, you're right) needs


The big costs with Nuclear power are plant and plant maintenance costs. The fuel, even including the cost of initial processing, is insignificant compared to the facility costs. And just to repeat what other people have said: with Uranium and Thorium breeding, we've got thousands of years of power at current growth rates. There are beaches in Kerala, India with enough thorium in the sand underneath tourists' butts to power the planet for several centuries.

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