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December 01, 2007



Palm oil biodiesel has become very controversial, due to the destruction of rain-forest and subsequent burning of tropical peatlands. Especially if palm oil is produced from Indonesian peatland forest, CO2 emmisions are several times greater than diesel from oil. At least in Europe biodiesel plants are being forced to verify that their feedstocks are produced in an environmentally responsible manner. I doubt that is yet the case in Asia.


I think the conversion from t/a to bpd is faulty. As per google calculator:

(800000 / 365) * ((1000 / 0.88) / ((1 barrel) / (1 liter))) = 21224


I think anybody interested in the greenness of NexBTL might also want to view evidence exhibit XXVI:


It may not be all that green it is touted to be.

And this _is_ one of the best (if not _the_ best) process that is commercial today.

Kit P

According to the press release, “...its total lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are 40-60% less than those of conventional diesel fuel.”


This is certainly a bit distressing. While the product they're claiming sounds more compelling than traditional biodiesel, most of the big oil companies won't touch a product not from sustainable sources. So it doesn't sound like this company is on shaky grounds.

Singapore is a good place though. They've got good tax shelters at the moment.


Wow! Neste builds a plant that helps reduce our suicidal dependence on middle eastern oil and greenpeace blocks them from producing diesel in it. If there ever was a question about greenpeace being a terrorist organization...this answers it.

Alt Fuel Fan

Biodiesel is currently produced from a number of products, including soy bean oil, cotton seed oil, and yellow grease, among other things. Turning animal fat into Biodiesel is not new, it's just not (yet) being done to any great extent. The low, uneven quality of chicken fat (a factor when being considered as a biofuel stock,) is normally shipped to a few vendors in other states to be used in soaps, as filler in pet foods and a few other consumer products. Chicken Fat Biodiesel

SEO Los Angeles

Fascinating. I would love to see more about what reusing diesel really looks like.

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Sustainable palm oil, never heard of that before!

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