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December 13, 2007


Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com

I hope this collaboration becomes a success. We need to have more suppliers and more advocates of environment-friendly vehicles! The green movement is slowly making its way to people's lifestyles. This year alone has paved the way for many green trends to come out of the Earth. We can only move forward.


Other commentors on this blog have cited lithium scarcity as an issue in regards to a future of massive lithium-ion battery production. But then I've read about how lithium batteries are recyclable. The high cost of lithium should actually create incentive for this. If it actually is recyclable, shouldn't that fact alone be enough to kill the peak lithium theory?


The simple amswer is no. The claim is that while Lithium is not particularly rare, the amount found in high quality ores is. Assuming we have a limited inventory available, recycling would mean we are not limited to a single use, i.e. the material recycled from one battery can be used to make another, but the total number of batteries at any given time is limited.

Workarounds would have to be to use less Li per battery, or to use another material. Sodium has been suggested. I suspect as the price of Lithium escaltes due to increasing demand these other technological solutions will be pursued.

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I don't see Mitsubishi's around much anymore, maybe they're more popular in Asia, still...

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