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November 17, 2007



Seating - up to 4 - 300 lbs
thats a appointment - the average couple weigh over 300 pounds combined .... but I guess this would work for a 130 pound guy and his 95 pound wife but thats about it. When your buddy want to get driven somewhere - you don't want to turn him down because of his weight.


130 lb + 95 lb = 225 lb

But yes, 300 lb is not enough for 4 people. Maybe two small adults and 2 children.


It's surprising to me that ZAP is still using lead acid batteries in these vehicles. The Prius has been rolling along with nickel metal-hydride batteries for a full decade already. And everyone, including Toyota, is on the brink of the lithium-ion rollout.

Any clues to the continued use of lead acid at ZAP?


Ups is one of best shipment in the world.


Forgive my ignorance, but why isn't the use of electric cars made widespread? I mean it could be good for the environment and we get to save a lot of fuel,,

Kit P

Electric cars still need energy. The benefit for the environment would depend on how that energy is produced. My Industrial Ecology text book calls BEVs elsewhere emission vehicles (EEV). So if Petaluma, California has clean air and the electricity is produced by burning more natural gas in thr central valley that has poor air quality; BEVs would be a poor environmental choice.

The environmental benefit of the ZAP is that it is smaller and lighter. Hauling around a bunch of batteries is really a stupid idea unless you happen to be in France where nuclear power plants are designed to load follow.


KitP has missed a few important benefits. The economy of scale that applies to utility scale electric generation means that overall thermodynamic efficiency, as well as the ability to more cost effectively filter out pollutants means that transfering generation from many small ICE engines to few large central power stations is a significant net plus. The real issue for BEVs is the still immature battery technology.

Noclegi Ustka

Elecric cars it is a"sing of future"

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