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November 26, 2007


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The United Kingdom could more effectively balance its electricity supply and demand by connecting the network to a European supergrid – potentially cutting the cost of building offshore wind farms by a quarter, a group of MPs in the House of Commons said today.

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"The UK's electricity system is the least interconnected of all European countries – but we have vast offshores resources of renewable energy," said committee chairman Tim Yeo MP. "In fact, we potentially have enough wind, wave and tidal energy to more than match our North Sea oil and gas production and transform the country from a net energy importer to a net energy exporter."

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If this were so, there would be many more HVDC lines in use. The high voltage, high power electronics needed to convert between AC and DC are quite expensive, making the use of HVDC lines economical only for long distances or for moderate distances under water.

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I've never seen wind turbines in water like that before, a supergrid sounds super cool!

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So is Europe using this 'supergrid' yet? and when will we get them for the US?!

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