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November 05, 2007



The phrase "Subaru has released" is a bit misleading. This is a concept car. Although the press release gets our heart beats up, it is important to note that you won't be able to purchase one of these for a long, long time. The Subaru R1e microcar is actually closer to production, and you won't see that one until 2010. It is nice to know, though, that the world's manufacturers are all devoting considerable resources to the development of EV's.


Ultra-Capacitors: IEEE Spectrum has an interesting article on nanotube based Ultra-Capacitors. They also make a refrence to EEStore.


Harvey D


One may wonder if both approaches i.e. (1) MIT's - improving electrodes (2) EEStor's - improving dielectrics; could not be combined in the same ultra-capacitor to increase the energy storage capacity (similar or above batteries) while maintaining all the other inherent qualities.

Ultracaps scalability + ruggedness + multiple (1 000 000 +) very quick charge/discharge cycles + cold weather capabilities would make them ideal for PHEVs and BEVs.


All these "concepts" have me salivating. I'd go out and buy a G4e right now if it was available and reasonably priced (>$30K for me)


I would like to point out that:

-Capacitors are rugged in terms of cycleability (100,000+) they are not physically rugged. Many detractors of EEStor have pointed out that the massive charge difference between the UltraCap's plates would place a significant physical strain on the capacitor. Energy densities in capacitors have never been as high as what EEStor claims (by a couple orders of magnitude) so it has never been an issue

-Capacitors make for more expensive control electronics as the amount of charge held is dependent on the voltage between the plates.


Hey, Harv Drive, it should be noted that Schindall used space in the Spectrum article to take a swipe at EEStor.


Tim, Very interesting read. Thanks!

lory battery

Capacitors make for more expensive control electronics as the amount of charge held is dependent on the voltage between the plates.


Almost all wars and terrorism in the world can be stopped. Almost all dictators and tyrants can be rendered powerless. All we have to do is to stop paying them. An alarming amount of the money Western nations pay for oil is going into the coffers of people who are terrorists and dictators. All we have to do defund the world’s most violent criminals is to become energy independent.

In the first phase of energy independence we get as much energy as possible from resources which we own or which are in the hands of friendly, stable nations. First we build new nuclear power plants in every state. If the French can make nuclear work what excuse do we have? In addition, we drill for oil off all our coastal waters and we build new refineries and pipelines in every state. Existing energy companies are making plenty of money in the current climate of false scarcity. We will have to find away around them. Usually the way around greedy energy companies would require political will. However, almost all existing politicians are in the pocket of the energy companies. This includes democrats and republicans. So every politician currently in office needs to be thrown out. Anyone who works for or who owns an existing conventional energy company is in my view disqualified for public office. We already know from the Bush/Cheney experience that such politicians will work in a way contrary to the national security of the United States and will start pointless wars for oil.

Merely having new politicians willing to clear the legal minefields laid down by oil bought senators and congressmen might not be enough. We might have to get a little bolder. Therefore I suggest that we build terawatts of new nuclear power plans and miles of new oil refineries in Mexico and that we send the power back to the states via pipelines, power lines, hydrogen, or whatever works. This will provide work for Mexicans and energy for us. The Mexican government will have a large incentive to make the plants secure and this increased security might even spill over to the borders and make our borders more secure.

While phase one is going on we need to start on phase 2. In this phase we bring online as many green and renewable technologies as are currently viable and put as much money as is needed into producing more. I would suggest that the model cities be built in the west and south—anywhere that it does not get cold enough to snow. The idea is to build small towns or cities that will go cold turkey. There will be no fossil fuels of any kind allowed in these cities. All vehicles and houses will be powered by wind, solar and bio-mass. The best locations would be those that have year around wind, sun and enough farming in the area to produce the bio mass. These experimental towns would be off the power grid. The only way to get power to them would be to make the green and renewable technologies work. Volunteers who truly believe that the future is green would be invited to apply for residency. We would probably take engineers and farmers over other types because we would need people who were skilled in keeping the power conversion machinery going and others who don’t mind the get their hands dirty hard work of farming.

Kit P

Sounds like fun poetryman69, I actually like getting my hands dirty producing energy. Can I assume poetryman69 will volunteer to join me. I betting poetryman69 will never use the words 'greedy energy companies' after pulling a few weeks on midnight shift.

subaru cars

Interesting, if the battery is that good, I think that the car is gonna be very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Jacob Rodman

Here's to hoping that they'd improve on this. The G4e was much better than the R1e, but the factor of energy efficiency, like increase the miles per charge rate, still poses a big question mark.

Adam Preece

Heeh, reading comments from the past years will make you smile. These EV's use to be just concepts in those times, but now we can see them all on the roads. Those are great stuff, from those in the past up to the present.


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